Monday, December 22, 2008

I give you... Christmas Tree 2008

Set up on the evening of December 21. Green and purple themed tree, with an overkill amount of tin stars and glass icicles. The snow crystals are just part of being married to a flake. We're happy with it.
my Xmas tree
Click image to see at 1064x1416.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is your item bigger than a breadbox?

purdy lightsOkay. Perhaps you have been wondering why I've been so quiet. So have I. I couldn't rightly tell you... Blame the holidays, since I have been gone a lot, but it's deeper than that. Frankly it's depression. I've spent too much time at the computer, not enough time doing practical things... and it could be true that idle hands (or minds) are the devil's playthings. I still need to try to figure some stuff out but there's always something shiny!shiny! in the path to stumble over. Heh, as a friend and I joked about his stepfather, who would come home from longhaul trucking and have my friend's mom cut the dingleberries off his butt: "There was a pretty blue rock, so I pulled over to look at it. I stared at that rock for two hours. Pretty blue rock. Damndest blue rock you ever saw."

So the image of the moment is some lights I have obtained for this year's tree... very unique in that they're avocado green and burgandy purple, along with the orange which I'll swap out when they go up, and that it's only 3 colors rather than 4 or 5. We haven't put up our tree yet, but we will this weekend I suppose. Sure, a little slow on the draw this year but we keep having guests over so don't want to get anything started when we're going to need the space. Also, since I haven't blogged yet this month (whoops), we've filled the display case at the library with our wonders for the sixth time in seven years... this year the theme is "A Homespun Christmas" and contains items you can either make yourself or look homemade. :)

Stupid thing I've wanted to say for awhile: There's this handheld toy gadget called the 20Q – actually, several of them – which plays 20 Questions with you to guess items (or sports figures, or TV shows, or whatever other specialty ones you find). I have discovered that if your thought is really good, it will go out to 25 questions before giving up. Okay, here is how you totally screw with a 20Q, the one intended for general subjects: Think about genitalia, whichever kind you prefer. The questions become very funny in that light, like playing an adult version of Mad-Libs. And twenty-five questions later, it will fail to have guessed the item... someone seems to have left those parts out of the database. That's today's holiday gifting tip; pass it along!

Okay, so, well, I can now say I've written something. Happy holiday of preference to you handful of readers, and I wish you a bountiful 2009. With the way the economy is going, that's not just a "how are you?" ersatz statement, I really do wish you a bountiful 2009 because you could probably use one. Hasta.

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