Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More useless information, all the time!

grand opening, no serviceHello... It's been a busy two weeks and will be a bit more before I get back here to talk, since my wife and I are going to take a vacation drive down to Arizona next week. I intend to take a flock of pictures, digital and on film, though I hate to say the thought of the area doesn't excite me much. How can I not be excited by the Grand Canyon, Arches, several Indian reservations, and so forth? I don't rightly know, I've never pictured that part of the country as being my cup of tea. However, if I find a ghost town with a pioneer cemetary I might sing a different tune. The occasion of us having the time and ability, beside it being our 11th anniversary (a couple days ago), is that her library is having its air conditioning system replaced and that will take one to two weeks. I'm told that it's a necessary update since one can clean the counters at 9 p.m. before leaving for the night and there will be dust on them when the staff comes in at 9 a.m. -- personally, I think changing the air filters every three months as indicated rather than every two years might help some. I will be updating my Flickr stream as close to daily as possible, but I won't waste your time by blogging on my trip... or more than maybe once, depending upon accomidations.

This is the part of the entry where I usually write something about some stupidity seen out in the world, and there's always plenty to choose from. I don't have one that sticks out in my mind right now, which you should consider a good thing because I can only think of nice things that have happened lately... like two friends from different compass points driving over 120 miles to visit me on the same day, I spent an afternoon with my junior year locker partner the other day, my sister sent me a couple photos of her kids, and I have the big-ass boxed set of Depeche Mode's new album (it's overkill but there's some cool stuff in it). I can set aside my bothers and concerns for another week or so, or until I get back from the desert trip anyhow. So I'll catch you next time. Hope all is good with you.

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