Friday, February 17, 2006

Dick Cheney and Ted Kennedy walked into a bar...

A few days ago, Where are you, Superman?Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States was on a hunting trip with a friend, Harry Whittington, without a license. Neither paying attention to the basic rules of hunting, and Cheney shot his friend in the face... then waited half a day to report the incident. Whittington went to the hospital and had buckshot dug out of his face, but a little while later he suffered a mild heart attack because a bit of lead shot got into his bloodstream and travelled to his heart. Cheney has only had a $7 fine for hunting without a license, not something more grevious such as you or I would face if we shot someone in the face and kept mum, then nearly was guilty of involuntary manslaughter. I joked days ago that Cheney just wanted a little literal blood on his hands, after the thousands of lives he's caused to be lost in various wars overseas. But this has only been a hint that something is seriously out of whack. The real proof came on today's news, when Whittington got out of the hospital and said to the throng of reporters, face and neck bruised with chest stitched and bandaged from heart surgery...

...that he apologises for the trouble he has caused Mr. Cheney.

It's official, we are living in Bizarro World; there's your proof. Pack your stuff and check the galaxy map, it's time to find another planet. In other bizarre news closer to home, I am writing this blog by candlelight. The power is out in my neighborhood due to heavy gusts, so I'm on my Pentium 166 notebook computer (plugged into my regular computer's UPS — the notebook no longer acknowledges its battery is present) using dialup. This would be more romantic if it weren't 30°F outside with 20 mph winds and the indoor temperature (presently 60°F) weren't dropping.

I'm speechless.
I bet it would be romantic if you had a warm woman beside you...;)
I bet it would be romantic if you had a warm woman beside you...;)
I'm with Gale... two warm women would be fine.
ok I thought Mr. Dick had kept his friend from the hospital for half a day.

to Gale and Mushroom - be careful, inflatable women are not very good with heat!
Cheney didn't keep the shooting a secret; he just did what Cheney always does... gave the bird to the national media.
I must say that we had our share of jokes around here about the whole thing.
I thought it was odd that Harry apologized too, but then I know they are good friends and he realized it was an accident. He must be a very good friend to be concerned about how it all affected the VP.
Cheney's big enough to take it. Harry just needs to get home and rest, and avoid being around Cheney when he's got a weapon.
Jamie: being the veep, Cheney will have weapons until 2008. That's gotta be some kinda friendship, the kind found only among Republicans. "Pardon the knife in my back, I'm sorry I was standing where you were thrusting."

Ariel: No, not the friend, the reporting of the accident. And I'm aware that heat and inflatable women do not mix... they may SAY they are not afraid of anything, but you should see their faces when you point a steak knife at them. Their eyes widen and their mouths open in an "oh!" face... oh wait, that's their normal facial expression!
I'm glad you like my dad's email.
He is such a riot! I have saved many of his emails over the years. I printed some out and have them in my keepsakes.
He will return to blogging someday. He said he needs to have me around to keep him blogging. He'll be retiring sometime this year, so I think he will get back into the blog swing.
That entire incident was strange, but I havent really been watching any direct news of it. It's not really been covered here in the media.
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