Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Breathe, breathe in the air (but don't breath on me)

Quick note to Poirot and the 'Soapy Gets Waxed' controversy: not to be a fuddy-duddy, but I don't give a rat's ass and I'll not play. Leave me out of it. Like the mystery of 'Where Is Lula?' it's best for everyone if they're gone, capisce?

Random thought: No one has bothered to offer an explanation as to why gas prices have gone up 4 cents every 3 days. Is it safe to conclude there is no reason other than oil company greed? No excuses have been offered. Why are we being so complacent about this bilking. I do have one theory, though...
Both sides of the war on terror need funding.
Either that, or it takes money for our government to buy the equipment to spy on American citizen, put more elephants in office, and take measures to squelch intelligent dissent plus wage an unnecessary war. I don't have anything really pressing other than that to complain about, but here's something really stupid:

Dumbest 'invention' of 1941, courtesy of Popular Mechanics:
No dirty snot here

The dust mask over the nose looks very silly and funny. I'll take four, please!

Gas prices are worth complaining about, so feel free to continue ranting as desired.

You are really obsessed with houses with icicles on them. Where's your spring Christmas spirit? Huh?

Our weekend was a whirlwind. The 50th anniversary dinner party was wonderful, and Courtney's media presentation made everyone cry. It was a lot of work for all of us, but it was worth it.
Courtney had her sinus surgery on Monday morning, and she is doing well. She's got a drippy, bloody nose, but her pain is not bad. She will be fully recovered in about a week.
Welcome back, Jamie and crew.

Can you picture someone cutting asbestos ceiling tiles wearing one of those nose-covers? Sure, you can keep your mouth closed and only breathe through your nose, yeah right.

I only have summer Christmas spirit. In the spring it's homeowner laziness, in the fall it's advanced preparedness, but in summer... it's a memory of winter chill in our (as-if) sweltering summer. :) Today I saw a box of cereal at the store offering The Polar Express on DVD, and that surprised me.
I'm done with winter. The only ice I care to see is in my freezer. Those icicles people should be fined.
I like little, white lights in trees and bushes though.
I've seen those year round in some places and they look pretty nice. I guess it depends on how it's done. Icicles... NOT!

While in Japan, we saw quite a few people on the trains and just out walking that wore those masks that fit over the nose & mouth. I guess they were avoiding germs and viruses.
There's a house a couple blocks away from mine that has lights on the trellis out front. That I think is pretty okay, though the whole yard and that trellis could look a lot better. :) The thing that sets it off, however, is that they also have large pastel-colored plastic 'tinsel' ornaments hanging from the trees -- now, I REALLY like tin tinsel (such as this) on indoor trees and think it's great that there's an outdoor version, but for some reason it seems too kitchy or even tacky (I have little affinity for 'Easter trees' with eggs hung from them).

Of course, those Asians are afraid of bird flu! :)
"Both sides of the war on terror need funding."

That seems to me like a brilliantly profound statement.

In Germany (and most of Europe) the lion's share of the gas prices are taxes. I think it works out roughly to: we pay for one liter what you pay stateside for a gallon. I really can't feel too sorry for anyone back home.
Indie is right. Europeans pay a fortune for gasoline. But, I still would like to have lower prices here.
It will be a wonderful day when we are no longer oil dependent. I wish that day would come sooner rather than later.
How about engines that run on urine? That is an unlimited natural resource. Guys could just pee right into the tank. Gals would need to use a funnel.

When the bird flu reaches America, I will consider wearing a mask too.
It's not so much a question when cars that use something other than gas will be ready, it's a matter of when the auto manufacturers produce them and the petroleum lobby stops jamming gas cars down our throats. Like I said, gas mileage went up in the 80's but went down after that... why IS that?
Jamie: I remember when we were on vacation stateside in 1999, gas prices were at a low, almost under a dollar a gallon, I think. It was like paradise.

Mushroom: Where _is_ Lula? I missed that mystery. I think the LBOS thing is all good clean fun ;-)
Indie: Two sides of the same coin -- one whore, one madonna, both annoying.
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