Wednesday, April 12, 2006

L'argent ne peux pas acheter des pellicules

The bull goes on foreverOne of my coworkers told this great story at the smoke pit the other day... When he and his sister were in school, they would call each other "renob". Finally his mother asked him what that meant. He replied that it was "boner" backwards. She then asked, "So what is a boner?" Without thinking he shot back, "You should know, you had seven kids." :) And no, I'm not a slave to the nicotine, but all the fun people are out there with their coffin nails getting a little fresh air (and a lot of bad air) while the more sensible people are inside going nearsighted at their computers breathing everyone else's stale germy damp air. It's sad that I have to resort to inhaling second-hand smoke to be social, but that's the way it is. And for the record, my sister and I didn't call each other names that often but her favorite term for people she didn't like was "penis wrinkle".

The weekly batch of advertising arrived in the mailbox today, and among the usual supermarket, Money can't buy dandruffrestaurant, and oil change place recyclables was a 9"x11" glossy ad by a place called "Rent-n-Roll", which specializes in rent-to-own rims for your ride. Just what the world needs: first we have RTO places that rent amenities like refrigerators and useful comforts like televisions for a total payment of five times what the item is worth... now we get RTO for outright luxury items? For only $60 a week for an unstated amount of time -- or buy them outright for $1970 -- you can have a set of four pimpin' rims that are prolly worth more than the piece of shit you're putting them on, or are the first thing to get swiped by other people who are attracted to pointlessly shiny things. It's no surprise that the top of the flyer announces this 'sale' under the title "Spring into Bling". Is it racist for me to speculate what demographic this shop targets?

A special tip of the hat to the person who posted a photo on Flickr of a woman whipping out her pierced right boobie (no link or pic here, sorry) because I do believe I went to school with her a generation ago. She was the first crush I had when I moved to the small town; I played baseball with her brother that summer and she'd tag along to practices sort of like a mascot, and it wasn't until autumn when school started that I found out she was my age & grade. Last time I saw her was at our ten year reunion, whereupon she was wearing a short skirt and, uh, nothing under. We were sitting at this table and I leaned down to tie my shoe and looked up... and tried to figure out whether I was getting a bad view of a good thing or a good view of nylon drawers, my eyes were watering that night. A classmate told me afterwards that after we graduated she put herself through college by 'exotic dancing' so I likely saw what I thought I saw. (Tweety voice: "I tawt I taw a puddy-tat!") It ought to be amusing seeing her again in a couple months, with those images in my mind, if she shows up since she did move to the other side of the country. Will say that if that was her in the photo, she has aged very well. I have too but she looks better at it.

I'm putting together a Lambchop post for tomorrow, and in one pic I will use, Lammy is holding a sign with words that say, "Will Work For Feed."
Your first pic has the same look, although that animal doesn't look nearly as forlorn as poor Lammy did when we rescued him from the streets.

I went to high school with this good looking guy who was also a star basketball player. We graduated and I saw him at our ten year reunion. He had become a male stripper and came to the event dressed in leopard pants. He was married to a tiny, little lady who was very pretty and they had an ENORMOUS baby son who was two and weighed probably 60 pounds. My babies were fat (each about 30 pounds at one year) but they grew and thinned out into their toddler years. This kid was very tall and very fat. I had a hard time with the idea that that tiny lady had give birth to that huge kid.
Heh, if you click on the picture you can see what he's saying: flamingos come and flamingos go, but the bull goes on forever. This came off a roll of 35mm film I found in a camera at Deseret Industries... and the next photo on the series was two pink yard flamingos hanging from nooses.

Your photo of the Crap-a-Torium reminded me that I have a photo of a place near where I grew up of a similar business. It's not as good because I was in a moving car, driving, and shooting through the passenger side window. :) Will share sometime soon.

As for your classmate's kid: did the kid come out of her that size, or did the size come later? I'm guessing the latter.
As for the enormous kids' birth size, I imagine he was quite a big baby. Of course, his girth came later, but I'll bet he was a ten pounder. OUCH!

I would rather sleep on the floor and stand and eat rather than get caught up in RTO furniture. The prices are always shown by the WEEK, rather than by the month. Tricky!
They can keep their fancy rims. My car is a Volvo and would look ridiculous with them any way.
I've seen Volvos and Izusus and so forth with pimpin' rims. Guy I worked with at Pizza Slut had a green car with a lot of undercarriage rust with gold rim-covers, and I think the reason he worked in pizza was to pay for those rims. That's got to be the SLOW payment plan, by what Pepsico paid.
I looked up the word "rim" but it doesn't make sense to me "rim for your ride" and "pimpin' rim", what are those, Mushy?

Volvo is good car. if I could, I bought the latest S8. I heard of someone that had frontal crash in a Volvo S8 above 100 kmph and got out of the car without a scratch.
Our car is a Volvo S70, I think. It's a nice car about three years old now. It is supposedly very safe.
I sure hope so with all the people here that are lax about crossing over the double-yellow lines.
Courtney was driving yesterday and I was in the passenger side (on the way to another of her nose sucking appts. - only one more to go!) and a cement truck came around the bend OVER the double-yellow line!! Courtney said, "He's OVER on my side!" And she swerved a bit.
I can't tell you how MAD this makes me! We have about 4 miles of two lane curvy road to get to the interstate from our house, and that's where most of these incidences occur. It's head on traffic coming on one side and tons of trees on the other side, so there's no good place to go. Pisses me off!

Okay, rant over.

Happy Easter to you and your lovely bride.
Maybe you will darken the house of the Lord on this holy day?? :-)
Jamie: Not likely, I have to work... even on holidays, there are still people who value their email and browsing over their families and friends, and I gots to wrangle them. And speaking of bad drivers, I witnessed the aftermath of this collision on the way to work Thursday... read the article and tell me if this guy isn't the dumbest piece of work to hit the streets. The AM radio news only said "there's an investigation" without saying who hit what, since there was a police cycle involved.

Ariel: Rims are the metal cylanders that the tires on a car go around. In this case, they transcend mere drab utilitarian and are made of shiny metal, have special designs, and have special appeal to people who like rap music. "Pimpin'" just means decorated or accessorized. Today I saw this 1990's Chevy Blazer with some rust and body damage which had new chrome rims, a thumpin' stereo, and an ugly white guy driving. Once again, the rims were worth more than the ride.
It's amazing that the State Trooper didn't die.
I hope they throw the book at that idiot driver!!
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