Monday, May 01, 2006

Hurray, Hurray, the First of May...

...outdoor f%*&ing starts today! And the weather here a couple days ago (Friday) was perfect for it, though all of the lovely assistants from the studio audience were either in class, at work, or chasing after their kids. Nutty squirrel Saturday was a perfect day for ducks and salmon fishers (but not for duck anglers; the bread gets soggy) because it rained on and off but yet was a very nice day -- this is when I went to the nursery for all kindsa pretty flowers and to Costco because I like hiking across flooded parking lots [quacking all the way] to be immersed in large crowds. If you hadn't looked, the May update to Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul has been posted. The brushytail at right was seen at a park across town, about two feet up the trunk of a tree as I was heading to my car. And speaking of nice photos, at the bottom of this missive is the photo you've all been waiting for: icicle lights (taken 4/16 and I passed by them today) on three sides of a house near me. Not taking them off the high gables/eaves of the house, I could understand, but leaving them bunched on the 4 foot high fence?!

Stupidity of the day: the destruction of local ecumentical history. The First Congregational Church on Sixth Avenue was built in 1874, fifteen years before Washington became a state, and has a thriving congregation. A city park and several medical facilities grew up in its shadow. The land is being sold to one of the hospitals next to the church, and the building will be razed later this year. The First United Methodist Church on Martin Luther King Way was built in 1916 and has a thriving congregation. It is part of the city's Historic Homes tour, which is going on next weekend. The local newspaper's article about the Historic Homes tour says that the church will be demolished in 2007, though does not explain why.

The obligatory unnecessary reshuffle at work has been completed, and I was given the least offensive of the mostly undesirable shifts, a Monday-Friday noon-9pm gig. I prefer a Sunday-Thursday schedule, so I can have a weekend day of peace and a weekday day of quiet... they're not offering those anymore, because the masochists in Workforce Mangling are trying to emphasize 4-day 10-hour shifts with either no continuity or no free weekends. At least my comrade-in-arms Illiterate will be here for a couple hours on all those days, a fact he is pleased about (he was fearing a really horrible shift... not that 5am-2pm isn't horrible to many folks), and may potentially be able to attend a certain barbecue in July with me if he sees fit. (Some fellow geeks are having a starfish roast in Portland. It'll be fun, they're like calamari when cooked right.) Another obnoxious note: Days ago I mentioned getting $2.81 supreme when everyone else wanted at least $2.89 for regular; I was past there yesterday for a fill and they're all out of gas. Hopefully that will be rectified soon, but the same can be said for why those prices are so outrageous and why our esteemed chimp in charge won't do anything about it. Can't GW suck those sheikhs' schlongs a little harder?
Icicle liiiights!!

What does Washington state have against old churches?!? That's too bad. God may have to retaliate for that!
Noon to Nine means you get to sleep in if you want to. That's good. But, there are certainly down sides to having all your weekday evenings taken up. What if you wanted to join a softball league? You'd be unable to make anything but the late games.
The icicle lights look mighty tacky. The worst are the ones hanging on the fence.
Gas prices are a pain. I wish that several administrations ago, congress would have voted to build more refineries, and that we would have seriously begun persuing alternative fuels. Every administration since Carter bears some responsibility for this. It's sad that we never see real action until there's a crisis. Preventing crisis' should be what congress does on a regular basis, but they are all too busy covering their butts for the next election.
I'm off to see your photo captions.
And we don't see action when there is a crisis either. Today's newspaper has a headline about what Shrub's plan is, and how it's not just the pundits that are claiming this will have no effect on gas prices. It's claimed that we'll have high prices for another two years... gee, coincidence that we'll have an administration change at that time?

Roll back more. Yes, the Carter Administration got the brunt of the last gas crisis (a shortglut, not a shortage) but it's not as though Nixon and Ford did much either to prevent banditry. They had other concerns and gas was still under 60 cents a gallon. You can look back as far as the FDR administration(!) in regard to the question of pursuing alternative fuels... and we're still using gasoline as the primary source 60 years later.

It's not the state (which loves preserving history), but the private interests... like that hospital coveting the land. You'd think the feds or state would have declared the Congregational Church a national historic landmark so it couldn't be sold for scrap? It's all tangental to an observation made about antiques: they're what's left after everyone's mothers threw out the stuff you wanted to keep.
They tore down the church we used to go to in the 60's and 70's and that was truly stupid and sad. It was kind of a landmark. Now it's a parking lot.

Your Laughter set is great this month - I want to go to the surreal shop.
Here's a story about that:
It turns out they saved the tower, but the rest of the building is gone.

It's not just Washington State where this stuff happens.
I enjoyed the photo captions. I like the family that dressed alike or switched clothes. I didn't even notice that the one guy was without shoes until you pointed that out. I chuckled over that pic's caption most of all.

Contrary to what that one pic showed, women do not actually enjoy choke holds.
I looked up your life songs from my blog.
All I can say is I am sad about the ones you put down for your childhood.
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