Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Something short about something sweet

I love advertising. I always get a good laugh, or roll of the eyes (it's good exercise, those muscles can atrophy), by hearing how people react negatively to advertising. Some people absolutely flip out over ads, among other things out of fear or concern about what others might think. I do so love it when people think for me, afterall, so bless 'em. There was an ad a few years ago which raised some squeamish people's hackles. It was for a canned pasta in rich tomato sauce, and the camera is roaming through the jungle until it gets to this teenage boy, crouching with a big bowl of the pasta in hand and red-orange sauce all over face, and in a bass voice proclaims "mmm, beefy." What I said! Apparently some folks thought the imagery of this human jungle beast was too symbolic of uncivilized eating habits, possibly even cannibalism. Dude's eating Spaghetti-O's, get over yourselves. Another great ad made a vocal mistake: the mother referred to her children, who love to eat whatever brand of just-add-milk breakfast product in a box, as "cereal killers." There was no maniacal laughter following that statement, it was just a wry Mom statement, but I laughed out loud [LOL] at the allusion to the misguided malevalents in society. Brought to mind that time my sister and I ate all the marshmallows out of a box of Lucky Charms at our grandparents' house, and after that no one would eat the cereal because it was only oats. Levi's had this Claymation ad some years ago that moved so fast you would probably miss everything that was happening, but suffice it to say there were three acts of defecation in it and that's bound to upset someone (even if it's Pla-Doh doing the pooping); the first I don't recall, the second was some birds on a clothes line being singed by fire resulting in roast chickens then one of them craps (or maybe it was laying an egg?), and the third was the heroic rescue at the end which included someone crashing through an exterior wall into a bathroom (and the homeowner was sitting on the crapper audibly going "huh?"). Let's see the Chevron cars beat that! Other examples of ads that played once or twice before being either shelved or edited exist, some of which I've seen, but memory is slipping...

Of course, I also find it hilarious that the obvious needs labels, like paper coffee cups that remind you that contents may be really frigging hot, kids' Superman capes with notes alerting you this does not enable the wearer to fly, and disclaimers hidden in CGI-heavy television ads to let you know that what you see is definitely not what you get. Below is something bound to give some tightassed adults nightmares: rumor has it that Jimmy Hoffa was buried in this small town, and what do the residents do? Bake undead cupcakes in commemoration!
Not a Blue Oyster Cult song

Those cupcakes look good for Halloween treats.
I can't remember when I've been offended by a commercial. Someone needs to produce a really offensive one, so I can get all bothered over it.
I remember the Paris Hilton Carl's Junior one that really stirred up a lot of commotion. I suppose they sold a lot of burgers to men after than one.

I will upload the icicle pics I took soon. Most likely tomorrow.
Since there are no Carl's Jr locations within at least 300 miles, we don't get those ads. :) But we will be getting a Kohl's... someday!

I look forward to that pic. ;-)

Stuff that people get offended over is amazing. You will appreciate this one, JD: Some years ago, "America's number one Christian commedian" Mike Warnke admitted that at one time he smoked dope. Some of the faithful flock threw out their Warnke albums, aghast that their saint had been pothead! What struck me as odd about this was that these were the same people who would invite other reformed drug addicts to their churches to speak about their experiences. What, the difference is that one person didn't put it on his resume because that's not what he's there to talk about, and the other did because he is? Grrr. As Mike said on one of those albums... Stuff happens.
I remember Mike Warnke! Mike's claim to fame was that he used to be a high priest in Satan worship before becoming a Christian. That was okay, but not that he smoked pot! GASP!
He admittedly inhaled!! Oh My GOD!!

I left this comment to you on my blog, but you may not have read it:

Mush: One day next week, I am going to do a post with a link to your icicle lights site and post my pics of the home I found and invite others to add theirs to your site. I think there may be some others who have aggregious icicle lights offenders in their home towns.
As always, I look forward to your lights. I added 4 more pix today of 3 locations... it was dusk/night when I was coming home and saw them, so had to wait until daylight to go snap 'em. :)

Thanks for the impending advertisement!
love those cupcakes.

here's the currently running commercial that gets my goat every time i see it: it's a kool-aid spot that has the kool-aid pitcher on a deserted island and "SUS" is drawn in the sand. the hero kids land via helicopter saying, "we saw your SOS" and kool says, "that's not SOS it's SUS. Save Enough ..." i forget what the heck we're supposed to save but come on! Hey, Kool Aid! learn to spell you idiot cartoon. i know your name is spelled wrong to look Kool, but hey, stupidity ain't so cool.

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