Friday, June 23, 2006

I can't dial my Imodium

Haven't written the Daybook entry yet -- expect that by one minute until midnight Saturday. I promise. Have updated the Spackle page, and am getting annoyed by the guestbook spammer because he isn't using the webform (which I have removed) to do his work; he must have a submission script that goes directly to Earthlink's posting system, bypassing the webform. Short of changing the email address/URL of the site, I can't figure a way to get it to stop. Mush SMASH! Life otherwise is okay though my innards are pent (gotta lay off the fuzzy cheese, I suppose) and one of my coworkers is singing the 'Meow Mix Theme'. Meow! This has been counteracted by the customer, who said she couldn't hear me because she "must have beans in my ears" and that got me humming 'Beans In My Ears' by the Serendipity Singers. (BTW, the lyrics on that page do not exactly match the recording I have; the page repeats lines that are only sung once.) There has been great weather when I go on my lunchtime constitutional -- and it is swimsuit season at the beachlet plus I go past the city pool, so it has definitely been beautiful outside -- Spook of the Pearne Houseand that's helping to improve my attitude a wee bit. Or until I take some calls by people who can't think and chew gum at the same time, harshing my mellow...

Something in me was looking for an epiphany, some change or gain of wisdom, from the 20 year reunion. I'd probably be disappointed that I didn't have one if I could put my finger on what it was I had hoped to learn. I noodled over the dusty impressions on the wall where I thought a sign may have resided but I couldn't prove it, and that thing I've said to my bipolar beloved a few times came back to me: in times of tension between the ears she's questioned the purpose of life, and I've had to say, "you're assuming there IS a purpose which isn't being met." We live, we die. We consume, that's what we do. And the only "purpose" I can think of is to do good things for others and make ourselves comfortable; every person cannot become world-famous for some great accomplishment or discovery, so we have to be valued in what we can do with those we are able to touch. I guess the one thing I picked up was that the people I have long loathed aren't too bad afterall... if you wait 20 years, only handle two dozen of them, and only spend five hours around them, that is. Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels, as someone said. Still, I could have used an epiphany of some sort just as a souvenir. I suppose some great pictures and a solo adventure to savor will suffice.

Coming up next on my calendar: The Taste Of Tacoma is coming up June 30-July 2, which coincides with the Tech Support Comedy annual Northwest picnic and pillowfight (this year it's in Portland, OR) so I am requesting Friday the 30th off so I can attend both events; then two weeks later is Nile Valley Days in, duh, the Nile Valley above Naches, WA. (That's usually the third weekend of July, so it's a good thing I stopped by Jim Sprick Park [right of the pointer, alongside 410] on my way through there to find out... Say that name three times fast!) This weekend? No clue, but I'll find out soon enough. To follow the intended theme of this blog: if the Workforce Mangling dept at work fails to give me Friday the 30th off, that will truly be a stupidity.

Keep chugging that Imodium. I hope your inards return to normal function soon.

Have a good weekend. Maybe your weekend will consist mostly of rest. It is homemade ice cream season. Our ice cream maker is still in storage in CA.
Homemade vanilla ice cream is an epiphany.
It is one of those things that makes life worth living.
Spackle comments:

Misty looks cute in her huge spectacles. I think just about all kids are cute.

Ward's boat looks like a crime scene.

The old photo DOES look like a guy dressed up like a lady. If not, that is one ultra homely gal.
Jamie: I'm still crapping up a storm... thought the storm passed because nothing 'passed' yesterday, but the clouds rolled in a couple hours ago. Thank goodness it was late at night at the 24 Hour Wal-Mart so there weren't many people around the john... and there was plenty of paper. At least I don't feel as though I will soon need one of those "colon blow" intestinal cleansers they advertise on the infomercial channel. / Not much rest during my weekend, there was plenty to do when not running to the bathroom. / Funny story, the "Ward's boat" comment was inspired by a friend I tried to visit when I was in town last weekend -- he wasn't home, but his boat was parked in the driveway, and that's pretty much what it looked like in the hull. / I can't tell if that's a guy in drag or a homely girl. Due to the timeframe the picture was taken, it's more likely the latter. My sympathies!
Reading the first part of your post I got the idea of you writing an opera about tech-support and working the spam problems into it.

One of my old classmates got married in Las Vegas this weekend, and some of our other old classmates came. The video is supposed to be on the wedding site, but I couldn't find it. All I could find for that time and date was some hispanic couple marrying, no audience, and the woman seven months pregnant. That wasnt it.
Today (I'm home from work, the crap tap hasn't shut itself off) I am mailing a disk of reunion photos to one of the organizers, complete with a shot I didn't take -- found on Flickr -- of one of our classmates who wasn't at the 20 but was at the 10, flashing some guy in a bar. Small world.

And best to Jesus, Maria, and little Jose. :)
Eeeewwww, the squirts!
That is no fun at all.
I hope you get over it soon.
So I went to the doctor, he asked for a sample... and I was empty from the night before. Haven't passed anything all day, which sort of contradicts the notion of diarrhea. I expect I'll produce something soon whether I want to or not, then they can have a helping.

The bag has checkboxes:
__ Freeze
__ Refrigerate
__ Room Temperature

What, no "heat and serve"?
that's really annoying w/ the sammer stuff...that's just horrible!

The Taste of Tacoma sounds like a yummy fun time.

--RC of
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