Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Preferred Provider Organization ate my balls

So for the continuing saga... If you can't get it up with this braless chick before you, give up! The doctor's aide called to say that my insurance company won't flip for Lamisil unless I'm diabetic. My pancreatic functions are fine, thank you, so it looks like I gotta pay $385 for a 30 day supply of Digger-destroyer pills. And the regimen is supposed to be 90 days, with a fainting spell blood test halfway through. Are my toenails worth $1200? Let's consult the Captain & Tenille: "My mama told me you'd better shop around." Don't you love it when your insurance company knows more about your medical needs than your doctor? It must be helpful that insurance companies are not bound by the Hippocratic Oath like your doctor, particularly the prevention is preferable to cure part... unless the words of payment are inserted after the word "prevention". My wife says she gets the same response when her podiatrist recomments orthotics for her shoes -- that unless she's diabetic, they won't pay. She works in a library and is on her feet 8 hours a day, and their response to being told that detail was (I'm not making this up) "why don't you get a different job then?"

Okay, a serious stupidity has arisen in Mushy's occupation. A new PDA-phone has become available, and it looks and acts pretty damn slick. Ug! Ug! Ug! Ug! Being in-house demo models, we couldn't try out all the online functions. It wasn't until the calls started coming in that a huge problem built into the device became apparent. Most people use their PDA-phones to send quick emails and check their email on the go, with the intention of using their home or work computers as their main email viewing/manipulation source (especially since PDAs can't open some document types or edit most document formats). Well, this new doodad -- which has a version of Microsoft's Outlook on it, the king of mail clients -- lacks a "leave mail on server" setting. Most PDAs have such a toggle, or if they don't it's okay because they don't remove mail from the server when it's been read or deleted from the PDA. Not this one, noooo, it does delete the mail from server after being collected, thus the computer never gets a crack at it. See how this could be problematic?

I just use my ancient cell phone and leave all that high tech stuff to others. I don't need my phone for any other reason but to make calls. Truth is, I rarely use my cell phone at all.

Insurance companies are so picky! In your and your wife's cases, it's the only time you've probably ever found yourself wishing you had diabetes. (just kidding, of course) But, it's really frustrating, isn't it?

It's great to be able to blog again. I've been pretty much shut out for two days. Blogger wouldn't let me visit others or read my own comments. I must have done something to annoy it. Since it's working for me now, I guess I must have somehow gotten back into Blogger's good favor.
I had to make an adjustment to the paragraph about the prescription. When going to the pharmacy to collect the goods this evening, the score had changed: the person had told me it would be 45 days when I placed the prescription, but the bottle had 30 days' worth yet at the previously-stated [gouging] price so I said "uh, hold that thought" and I will contact the Costco pharmacy about their prices. Where's the damn $5 generic when we need it? The old joke is "what is this medication, solid gold?" -- but gold is cheaper than these pills.

I too have seen issues with Blogger in the last day or two, ergo my inability to change the numbers four hours earlier.
If I had to be on my feel all day, like your wife does, I would probably wear only sneakers or those old lady Dr. Scholl's shoes. I can't imagine wearing heels all day long. The "why don't you get a different job then?" comment is stupid.
A good response for her to say:
"Why don't you cut the crap give me the frickin' orthodics!"
I'm really sorry to read about all these hassles you're having. Is there any chance for you of getting this medicine in Canada?
I don't think my wife owns heels for that reason. Funny story, the first thing she did after we walked down the aisle together was had foot surgery (plantar fasciatomy: snipping the tendon down the middle of the foot so it can grow back together), thus was unable to walk for twelve weeks. She got waited on hand and foot by her doting husband, just as the fairy tale says. :)

Going to Canada - heh, an option, or using the Internet, but I didn't go that route. Probably costs five bucks per pill rather than fourteen through the north, eh? :)
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