Monday, June 12, 2006

Plant a tree in your belly button to make navel contemplation more serene

Okay, time for the latest update in the saga! I transferred the prescription for Lamisil to Costco, which was fifty bucks cheaper per month... however, being Costco, or because the prescription as it was written was for 45 pills, the bill was $495. Are my toenails worth a grand? Must be, I've started taking the Lamisil. Itsy bitsy spider Did I mention earlier that the doctor said that Lamisil is 75% effective and has a 50% recurrence rate? Guess I gotta start changing my socks daily and wearing more than one pair of shoes. (But I only have one pair of shoes I like or that are intact!) Have also taken something to try to clear up some skin problems I've been having, which was rather amusing -- by doctor's orders: take these two tablets, wait a couple hours, then go do yardwork to get really sweaty (it was lawn mowing day anyway on Sunday so I wore a sweatshirt), then hang around like that for six hours before bathing. I smelled funky-musky by the day's end, ooh-wee! Where's that patchouli and a hemp knit hat? This is the only time my neighbors will ever see me wander around the front yard without a shirt, I assure you; I was the kid who wouldn't take off his shoes to do foot tracings in the first grade [Mom, that drawing you have in the closet? Those are Casey Allen's feet] and in high school always wore grey terry sweatpants under his gym shorts during phys ed class as well as cross country practice (and my coach really didn't approve of how I also wore them under my uniform at meets too!), so showing my manly boobies in public is really outside normal expectations. And a gender double-standard, too, but that's another story.

I've been having fun with a few people on a web forum lately; it seems that when a person has pieces of one's self available for public perusal, anyone can have a look and make judgements. (Think similar to: There was a news story out yesterday about how employers check MySpace to see what kind of person they're talking to, and I once made the mistake of telling a Microsoft interviewer the URL to Say Something Cryptic as proof that I can freehand HTML code in Notepad.) Some pseudo-religious kaffee klatch latched onto me like a hungry bulldog on a hambone, due to a difference in opinion as to what is art. [Blogger is not letting me insert a graphic right now, grrr.] What I found most amusing about their assault was that when their profiles were viewed, half of the the taskforce didn't offer any details about themselves and the other half only had photos of themselves in sensuous positions or bare-ass nekkid. Irony overload! And so I had to say after the smoke started to clear:
As pot/kettle as this is, the funniest irony I've ever seen was when prop-comic/watermelon smasher Gallagher nearly got into a punch-up with balloon-wearer/Elvis impersonator Skip Banks over the subject of "artistic merit", backstage at the Western Washington Fair, 1998. One actually used the phrase "at least I have an act" on the other...
I hope that group will go back to whatever it was they were doing before they looked me up out of the clear blue sky. Especially 'KinksLola', who has a lot of wise words quoted but no intelligent things of her own to say. Sigh, I know, this is like that picture that was passed around awhile back of a track runner with Downs Syndrome, which was captioned "Arguing on the Internet is like being first in a Special Olympics race -- you may have won but you're still retarded."

Today's moral and object lesson:
How NOT to steal a Sidekick
In a nonviolent, legalistic way: kick their thieving asses!!!

You really ARE modest.
It sounds like you are prone to skin maladies.
I hope your toenail fungus gets cured. You've got a battle ahead of you.

I don't do any other internet chatting or surfing except for my small blog circle of buddies. Thankfully, I don't see any "nekkid" photos of anyone. I am not interested in that even if the pics are of good bodies.
One person's art is another one's comedy. I'm sure there are people who would post a naked part of themselves, thinking it was fabulous looking. I'd see it and probably say, "What's THAT little thing?" or "That is hitonious!" or, I'd just laugh.
To each his own.
I hope to be rid of my external maladies too. It's the internal ones I should be more concerned with. :)

I love naked people, particularly females. But I also like variety and if there is none then, sigh, as with any one-note tune it gets wearisome. I chat with a rare few friends, some of which I don't really want to but they're on constantly. :) Beyond that, I'm in email and that's my real draw.
I said I don't do much web surfing, which is not the truth. I use the internet a lot for information.
I meant I don't do any other cyber chatting outside of my blog buddies and email.

I wonder if it might be cheaper for you to get a toenail transplant than pay for those meds?
People always figure that I'm on the computer to play games. Not really, I hardly ever play any games -- and don't play the graphic-intensive online ones all my coworkers are into. Just discovered a Mario Bros clone that is particularly awesome (and free) but beyond that, my photo editor is more amusing than anything else.
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