Tuesday, July 25, 2006

As they say in the South: Some people need a-killin'.

Greetings, all. I played hookey from work yesterday to take a mental health day but told them I was getting a bad sinus headache. Cheddar wants into the sink And that prophesy came true; when I went to get my hair cut in the early afternoon I had such a sinus headache I could hardly see. I did need the day off, I had a lot on my mind (beside snot), and I will only say that if you want to see before & after photos of my bathroom remodel be prepared to see them at 1.2 megapixel quality rather than clearly. (Whole lotta stupidity I don't care to discuss involved, none of which was my doing.) Over the weekend we procured a new vanity countertop with built-in basin and a very unique medicine cabinet, both from this little place called the Building Materials Outlet for 1/2 - 1/3 of the price of the home improvement warehouses. Hurray Outlet! We're still trying to figure out the tile situation but I think we may have come up with a winner for the majority of the floor (our intention is to throw some alternate color tiles in for accent): this greyish-teal 3"-square stuff that's on clearance at Ceramic Tile Center. The fun begins on the 19th of August but I think we will want to start ripping the molding and stuff off the walls sooner. Or I do anyway.

I'm getting a kick out of these Red Stripe beer ads that show up during sporting events (mostly on ESPN)... an odd scene comes up, like the freaky podiatrist or the guy using a Flowbee-like device on his head, and then the Ambassador (at left) shows up to say "Boo Creepy Foot Doctor -- Hurray Beer!" or "Boo Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Haircuts -- Hurray Beer!" I have not seen the "Boo Large Headed Friend" ad with the stretched-out sweater yet. I love funny ads for products I don't use.

I love good ads, too. but I can never tell what they promote 'cause I'm too busy enjoying them.
pretty sink!
I loved the old mock ads on the original Saturday Night Live, especially Dan Ackroyd.
I've been told by someone in marketing for Earthlink that the goal of an ad is to make you remember the product along with be interested. Odd that I'd get it from that source, since their ads are so memorably horrible, but you always know an Earthlink ad. It's the ones we actually like that half the time we find ourselves wondering, "who was that for?" You hardly ever have to wonder what the product is with beer ads, though.

Indie: "It's the Bassomatic!"

Thanks, Ariel! And as you can see, Cheddar can hardly wait to play in it, even without plumbing.
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