Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cubicle in a box, ready to roll, just add techie.

So today we got a big announcement: My group is moving to a new building. This isn't big news, we've known since last year that we'd be teleporting into the new building and half of our coworkers are already there. However, the surprise was that this move takes place tomorrow. 24 hours notice. On a Thursday, so the big change becomes effective on a Friday morning. Thank you for the advanced notice, guys! Last time we'd heard a reliable rumor it was that the move would be in August. He's hot! But I suppose it could be worse; I could be punted into a customer service role, as 120 of my coworkers have, without their consent -- they got at least 48 hours notice though, and their first day in the new digs was a Monday.
[24 hrs later: We have established a new high in "it could be worse" -- the IT folks disabled the network drives two hours into my shift, preventing several of us from backing up our data, and do not plan to turn them back on for another three days.... so we had to survive Friday without our Internet Explorer links to tools, our stored mail, and a few other things. And some passwords aren't working, and our phone system's recorded answer messages disappeared, and the keycards from the old building don't work here and no mention has been made as to how we get new ones, and...]

Please try to ignore the studliness of the young man above. His wiles are nearly irresistable. I told you I'd share some of the goofiness seen at Nile Valley Days... This picture and the next one came from that event.

I may have written about this before, but I'm not going to check the history to see. A bit young for that If I have, this is merely notification of "It's still true!": In the men's restroom of the building I (for the rest of today) work in, there's a GoJo hand soap dispenser glued to the bottom-middle of the mirror. It's full and the bag never needs to be changed because the pump is broken; the handle isn't connected to any mechanism. I'm sure if I described that soap dispenser, I also mentioned that both of the toilet paper holders in one stall are broken (one has been yanked completely off, the other has the tab that holds the front on broken off)... yes, still, the paper rolls sit on the handrail. Undoubtedly I've mentioned how this building is habitable from 9am until 6pm weekdays, and outside of those hours/days you can boil or freeze because the HVAC doesn't come on when the other building tenants aren't around. Maybe that's why my department is in such a fleeting hurry to get out of the building... apathetic management. Hopefully we have control of the paper and the thermostat at the new building.

If this kid sticks his balls in my face, he's going to be the only little girl in junior high (five years from now) who will never sprout boobies. Who bought him this shirt?

Here's a local stupidity: Concerned citizens were upset that minimarts were able to sell swords and knives, so they met with the city government leaders about the matter. After some time and deliberation, the city has now banned the sale of morning stars, maces, butterfly knives, other specialty weapons, and so forth... but knives and swords are still legal. Apparently there's a problem with defining what a knife or sword is, so anything that can be categorized more clearly was an easier target. Gotta love laws and law-makers that totally miss their intention.

There will be more hunting up home improvement supplies this weekend, as well as a trip to the Saturn dealer to get my 90,000 mile checkup... about 7,000 miles late. The idiot light on the dashboard for "check engine soon" came on near Enumclaw last weekend (the other reason for stopping in that parking lot, beside taking the picture at the bottom of last entry) but I know it's just a reminder to get regular maintenance, not an actual alert of an issue. Or I'll presume such; the thought of being stuck in Enumclaw wasn't a happy one (even though at this moment they're hosting the King County Fair which I've never been to but long intended to visit) and I've driven 370 miles since then without that light turning back on. The priority of the weekend will be selecting and possibly obtaining floor tile. Below we have another fine example of what can be found at Chinook Pass -- really neat flowers.
Purdy flowers, Mt Rainier

The check engine light in always on on my car.
It is on even after we get the thing serviced, which we haven't done in a LONG time.
That kid's t-shirt is hideous. His parents should be shot.
I can buy knives and just about anything here in AR.
But, I can't kill anything where there's a No Killing sign posted. Other than that, I'm free to kill at will.

Happy Weekend to you!
Jamie: We found a hardware discounter nearby, so got the basin/countertop for $99 -- a third of the price elsewhere -- and paid a bit more for a medicine cabinet but it's like none other we've seen in our travels, so we had to have it. We also have some tile samples on loan.

I did get my car to the dealer, and they said there was no indication in the onboard computer that the Check Engine light had been on. :-P I hate dealing with the dealer's service dept, they're never on time with anything including when they say "we're done and will have your car out in five minutes after we wash it." They report I need new front brakes, which I'm sure I do, and quoted a price twice of what the brake & muffler shop across the street from my house quoted when I asked them to change them a year or so ago. Er, no, that can be next week's maintenance project. The one saving grace was, the mechanic wasn't paying attention to the work order and did a transmission update (whatever that entails), which since we didn't approve of it they didn't charge for. There was another 10 minutes of wait while that was added to the paperwork and price voided. :-D
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