Monday, July 10, 2006

"Did you hang up?" No, I just said 'click'.

Hours after the last time I wrote "no, I haven't heard anything from the lab" I went out to the mailbox and, lo and behold, there were the lab results. My shit's fine, he says Judging by how my insides feel right now, in part due to the excellent Ravioli di Portabello at Olive Garden last night, I truly disagree with the you're-fiiiiine assessment. Something's still up. Did I somehow become partially lactose intolerant suddenly? Is this nature's way of saying I should eat more grains and fruits, and leave the stuff I actually eat on a daily basis behind? (Not that I had a great diet or anything, but that fact is now catching up with me?) Feh. I don't have anything stellar to say right now; as I write this I'm on hold with a customer service agent and a customer who is being sued by his own mom over some disability benefits he's entitled to and refused to be rooked into signing over to other people who aren't related... he's describing his legal situation to someone in the background, with me sitting here on mute. My job is dull but parts are really fascinating.

Well, it's good that the lab didn't find anything terribly awry. The bad thing is, you know there's still something wrong.
Awhile ago, my mom had some terrible troubles with her inards for a LONG time and had every test known to man. After over a year of suffering and losing a ton of weight, she found out that the nerves in her stomach were overly sensitive and a single prescription solved the problem. It coated the nerves and make digestion no longer painful. Isn't that a weird thing?
I say that just to encourage you to keep at it until you find resolve in this matter.

Enjoy the calls that can be enjoyed, and try to forget the unenjoyable ones.
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