Monday, July 31, 2006

Everyone does something disgusting

Here it is, the height of summer, it's been really hot for this area (which still can't hold a candle to how it's been where I grew up but it's not supposed to get hot here!), and I've caught a nasty cold. Sweet gay love... The sinus headache I said I had/was getting a week ago and then later got a taste of is nothing compared to the pressure in my head right now. I lost a bunch of sleep last night but not really in a bad way -- I was dreaming on and off through the night that I was installing a new fan in my bathroom. (The real thing is prettier and flatter than the maker's illustration.) I guess I would have preferred to actually be doing it rather than sleeping, but only tweakers do that degree of home improvement in the middle of the night... which is in part why the home improvements need to be done in the first place. This cold is sapping my energy, so I should be fairly happy that it got bad after the weekend ended; we did get a few things accomplished toward our bathroom renovation process. Work meanwhile is as fun as ever; today is my first day in a new desk, which I know I shall have to move out of before long, and I've managed to get my workspace and computer set up to my specifications. The phone system is still stupid and directs calls to the wrong places or not at all -- albeit that the people in customer service do the same. Now if only I had a decent chair... there wasn't one at my new desk and the one chair I've found in the wild is a proven cause of scoliosis. [hunts office, finds prey, escorts back to desk, uses scissors as pliers to tighten loose bolts, marks territory] At least I like my momentary supervisor, and she had the sense to go home early today. And coworkers have set up a ping-pong table on the next aisle. I don't have anything particularly fascinating to say other than all the stuff above, so I'm going to stifle another painful sneeze and post this.

Hope you're feeling betterand that it's cooling off over there. We had a cloudy, rainy week this week - even had to wear a jacket to work this morning. It's nice for a change, after baking for one whole month.
It has cooled down, thankfully, and now I have a bitch of a cold. Timing is everything.
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