Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm like Bob Vila except I do the work.

It's a nice bit of synchronicity that when I sat down to write here yesterday, not only did I have nothing to say but Blogger didn't really want to listen. My innards seem to have calmed down more; I don't feel quite as conscious of myself. Watch that be a placebo effect: watching a Rerun on DVD "the lab tests say I'm okay, I must be!" Sure. Tomorrow I'll head over to Nile Valley Days, wheeee! I'm taking a week off work in August to do some home improvements; I'm labelling this Extreme Home Makeover Edition and the agenda is to paint the bathroom in two shades of green (and removing all traces of divots from paint layers that fell off the drywall and the paint rim from around where a previous medicine cabinet hung), replace the countertop and basin after stripping the cabinet of old paint and paper, change the vanity lighting, remove then restain the medicine cabinet and rehang it, lay down tile and of course that all entails ripping out the molding and backsplash plus recaulking around the tub and removing/reinstalling the toilet. And that's... What's Happening?!?

Special message for Gab:

Why hast thou forsaken me??

I had some great anecdote to write here but it slipped my mind over lunch. Arts festivals near beaches will do that to you. Meantime, one bit of stupidity... After work today I'm going to a party for a formerĀ² coworker (former-squared as in I worked with her at the ISP as well as this current gig, which she left a week ago). She announced her departure because she found a higher-paying job, then within a day was walked out because she was recruiting others to join her at the new place. Truth in advertising I can't blame her with the pay raise and new-hire incentive they're offering. However, I was one of the people who said "nah, that's okay" when the subject was broached, because I worked for that company for all of three days... I've discussed this place before [not here]: their HR department works independantly from the rest of the company so while they need a hundred people yesterday the people they bring in for training get the bum's rush two per day so by the end of the week there's no training class left. Coworkers (from here and as well as the ISP) who've also spent time there or have friends there also know better. I told her she'd be looking for work again in short order but she appeared bewildered at the concept. Best of luck, Star... you will need it.

It's good that your toiling troubles have improved.
You've got a lot of work ahead remodeling your bathroom.
I hope you post before and after photos.
Bob Vila would be proud.
Bob Vila would take credit, no matter how many miles away he was when the work was in progress.

There will be B & A photos. The project keeps getting larger as we think of more things which need to be done, and the scope of what it actually takes to tile a bathroom floor. One thing we are not doing -- we're not going to touch the window. When a previous owner replaced the original window with an energy-efficient one, they really screwed up the casement, so there are all these divots and rough spackle spaces in the sill... we're gonna just paint over that and ignore it. :)
You should really ought to get a sidekick to do the work for you. Not me, of course. i'm busy.

My son may have a few days free.
You're just looking for free kid-care. Granted, a 3 year old would be more adept at pulling up the tile in the closet than me.

I'm curious what the cat is going to do during this project, since whenever we're in the bathroom he feels he should join us.
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