Friday, July 07, 2006

Rules are made to be broken. -Smart tagline

When we got there, the cupboard was bareHere's another photo from the lost weekend. It was the next morning, around 8:30 a.m., and I'm wandering around trying to get my eyes open and brain functioning. I pulled a jug of Minute Maid™ Cherry Limeade out of the fridge and said hello to the autographed photo of Arthur Godfrey on the freezer door [I was meaning to ask them about that...], went to the counter to find a glass into which I could pour this fluid, and the scene at left greeted me. (As a matter of fact, yes, I was wandering around in my morning stupor with my camera hanging around my neck.) The couple's really cool wedding announcement, mounted in an old paper studio-portrait frame, is on the middle shelf left of the plastic bags; they've been hitched for three years. The only food in the cupboard is two cans of beans... now THAT'S a party!! I'd say we ate them out of house and home, but for the fact that there was still plenty of beer in the fridge. You'd think that would have been the first casualty?

A few words on my intestines: Yesterday I had my first truly solid bowel movement, but the next one (about an hour later) proved that while I'm somewhat better I'm not cured. I miss having my bowl of Count Chocula in the morning; I've been eating bagels so I don't consume milk (never mind that bagel gets a shmear of butter or creamy cheesy cheesy cream) and I think it's helped me a bit. Still no test results yet.

I don't have anything particularly stupid to report at the moment, but I can flip the coin and mention something to the contrary of a gripe I had last entry. Smart - City Coupe Passion The opposite of the 13mpg-city/19mpg-highway Escalade is the DaimlerChrysler Smart line, which reportedly gets 45mpg-city and 60-70mpg-highway. Sure, it makes a Cooper Mini (25mpg-city, 32mpg-highway) look like a sedan, and it's a gnat under an SUV's wheels. [Tangental thought: I'm shocked that the new generation of VW Rabbits (22mpg-city, 30mpg-highway) doesn't have better fuel economy.] But dammit, this critter has the best gas mileage on the market presently, and that matters a lot. If DMC can successfully market this line in the States (the company has been asked to dump the line in some countries because it's losing money), it'd be way cool if they came up with a hybrid version, muahahaah!! And if the American public still chooses Hummers over Gaia, it'll be just another forward-thinking Yugo (joke all you want, but it got 25mpg-city, 31mpg-highway) or Crossley (45mpg-highway in 1942) on the highway of history.

Cute, little car. A fender bender in that would prove fatal, though.
Hummers look cool, but I wouldn't buy one even if I had the money.
I wish I had the money to buy a new car for each of my kids. It would be such a joy to see their faces when they saw two brand, new cars in the driveway with big, red bows on them. Oh, well, I doubt that will ever happen, but it would sure be fun.
My first car was a Pinto, that I named Mona. I will have to dig out pics of her and post them one of these days. I have no idea if Pintos got good gas mileage or not.
I hope this bowel problem of yours gets completely resolved soon. Maybe you have some intestinal infection, or maybe taking Lamisil is wreaking havoc on your system somehow. No matter the cause, I'm sure it's a royal pain.
Supers have two airbags, plus optional side airbags. Not much help if you get run over by a truck (or Hummer, or Escalade) but one could walk away from less horrible things. The car is being marketed as a city vehicle, though with that mileage one could go touring with it on the open highway. Which doesn't completely fit with what I'd be using it for, driving 50 miles on congested highways every day to work, but it's still more economical than most things on the road.

You might want to give your kids their own cars (and free up your own!) but you'd probably sweat over their safety constantly. :)

I took the weekend off of Lamisil last week to see if that changed anything, and it might have. I've been taking it since and things are still fair to mediocre... it seems to have more to do with what I'm eating than my medication. There's something going on in my gut, I need to find out what it is and they haven't gotten back to me with results yet.
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