Thursday, July 27, 2006

A total eclipse of the mind

I didn't gripe too much about the state of work last time because I was in a better frame of mind about work. Today I'm in my f*ck-it Friday frame of mind. :) I talked to a supervisor today who says that today I will be moving to a different desk and group (uh, yeah, Milton, if you could just move your desk into the basement, that would be great...) in anticipation of a team change taking place in a week or so. Confederate gunfire Er, sure, changing everything for all of one week, that makes sense, right. This weekend's plans include going to the Spanaway Days festival, the Folklife Festival at Wright Park, getting a brakejob at the closest muffler & brake shop (I'm not squealing but I have been told by the dealer that I have less than 10% of my pads left, and judging by how my wheel shakes at decelleration I'm sure this is true), and some computer fix0ring for someone whose WinXP blue-screens frequently. And that's all on Saturday; we haven't any Sunday plans yet. We have started acquiring tile, tasty green tile, and I figure we might pick some more up on Saturday if there's time since the place we're shopping is closed on Sundays.

Song in my head at the moment: a-ha, The Swing Of Things. Best of luck to my newish friend Tater, who got married today.

If anyone wonders what the title line of the previous entry meant (as my wife did): the spam-bandit who had been deluging the Guestbook of Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul from three locations using a script, thus wasn't dependant upon my Scrawl page being online to post, has ceased at last. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. August's set of photos is up now, by the way.

Stupidity of yesterday: Edict was handed down from on high to the entire organization saying, "Everyone must take this pass/fail test about account security, per the corporate overlords we outsource for... to take it, go to this internal page, click this link, and select this test. Check your scheduling system for the timeframe you have been designated to take the test." Sounds simple enough.
My timeframe was listed for the half hour after my shift. Er, great, but it's slow enough that I can do it during the shift and still get paid the overtime. Okay, let's follow the directions... go to this site, check; go to this link -- er, that's under a submenu and they failed to mention the main category, but I found it anyway, check; click the link and... more purdy flowers with bugs
Er, it's asking for my username and password for a rarely-used tool I haven't had a working login for in six months. Two supervisors ago said she'd have it reset but nothing happened. [I brought this up to her today, since for the next week she's my supervisor again... She handed me a key card, which only took a week to get.] I prairie-dog and look around, and several other people are saying the same thing to one another, with an additional "why did they put that test in this tool, rather than in our Learning & Testing Center page?" tossed in. Looking at the directions again, indeed there's absolutely no mention of the login step, it goes blithely from click-the-link to select-the-test as though there wasn't a completely different website behind the link. Par for the course. Looks like we're not going to be taking that test for awhile, since it takes Whomever eight weeks to reset passwords [according to my once and future supe, the last time she tried to get it changed].

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