Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bonus karma's gonna get you....

My buzz continues! I got home from getting my blood drawn this morning before work, got online to see what was shakin', and saw that R.A.T. #3, Emmer, was online! I haven't talked to her in ages. I spent the next 45 minutes chatting with her about the world we live in and life in general, and considering that I'd been thinking about her this morning on the drive home from the vampires this was quite welcome. If I get off my duff, I'll write more about what's new with her in the Daybook. Short version is that she's got a bum knee keeping her from dancing through the chem lab, her husband just got his Masters and is seeking a suitable job, her sisters are heels over head in love, her dad is head over heels in love, her mom never was mentioned (I shoulda asked specifically), and life is going along okay otherwise when not in pain. between two fires I was really happy to talk to her, in part due to some parallels between Elsewhen and Nearnow that I couldn't help but notice (life is one big in-joke afterall), and I hope another bright moment befalls me so I can continue smiling broadly over the happies in my head.

As for the blood drawing, that turned out better than hoped in the physical attributes -- I came with a bottle of orange juice, ready for my weakness, but I didn't get woozed this time. The woman got a vial of blood (the soup of cannibals) and that was that. I guess I'm not the complete withering wimp I thought I was becoming... though I still couldn't watch it happen. Now I wait a day or so for the material aspect of the action: the results, whether this has affected my liver or not so I can get some more Lamisil. I need to transfer that prescription to Canada when I get it authorized; what was $500 last time will be upwards of $100 this time if all goes well.

Yeah, I know... two blog entries in two days. Stuff bore mention. And I'm aware that half of my readers are on tour so they need to do some catching up on the last week or two worth of writings.

Hey Mush, I think all my readers gave up on me - they couldn't be on vacation that long, not with only ten days vacation in America. Thanks for that story you posted about where babies come from. I've always wondered about that.

There's nothing like a chat with old friends over old times and new.
I noticed you were short quite a few responses on that story... I think everyone's on a beach somewhere. Or dreaming of a beach somewhere.

Babies, I am told, are a sexually transmitted disease.

I need more time with old friends.
But I also need more old friends.
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