Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Meanwhile, back in the bathroom...

The progress goes on, a little behind what I have envisioned but the room will be better for it. We changed the wall plans a little: Originally the walls would be all white, and the old vanity would be in Behr "Rejuvenate" (a medium dark green) and "Celery Ice" (see below). But we got rid of that vanity and we're not about to paint the new one, it's beautiful in beech (and is the same brand and style as the medicine cabinet). I touched up the walls with the white I'd used before and it's degrading to grey even after lots of stirring. Er, drat. So Paige decides that we should do half the walls in "Celery Ice" and the other half and ceiling in "Frostwood" (an off-greenish white). I only took two pictures today.

First, an out-take from Sunday: If you look carefully, you can see how badly the closet door framing was set in and why there were such wide trim strips... you also get a glimpse of the original paint color in the room from the 1960's (to the left over the hall door), puke green.

The wall with the door, the wall with the closet, the wall with the outlet over the vanity, and the behind the vanity with the medicine cabinet/light have been painted with Behr "Celery Ice"; the far wall, the two walls over the tub, and the wall with the light switch will be painted with Behr "Frostwood" once the other walls are cured.

A replacement 1/8" board was purchased for $0.51 in the as-is department of Home Depot and cut to size with a steak knife in my driveway. If you look closely, you will notice I also put a 3/8" plywood "stage" in the vanity's footprint (cut by Mila at Home Depot) so the vanity will be at the tile's height instead of obviously below it. I put those two panels in during the eighth inning of the Mariners/Yankees game.

Now a preview of what the bathroom floor will look like. We've been taking the 2'x1' sheets of light green tile and trimming out 10 tiles randomly, then will put in darker green tiles in those spots. This posed shot was taken on a card table in the familyroom after we got all the cutting done.

Tomorrow, the mortar goes down at long last. Probably after the other walls and ceiling get painted.

random green tiles.. bastard.

you make it hard being an obsessive compulsive who can't help looking for symmetry in tiling patterns.
It's also hard for anal retentives who get upset if two tiles are too close to each other.

I confess to being both.

And there actually are patterns hidden in the tile but I tried not to make them obvious -- like one being out of place so there's be near-dissymetry or the pattern only goes on for that one sheet so doesn't continue.

One cute note: I trimmed my initials into one sheet of tile, but I had it upside-down... for the rest of my life I get to know I signed the floor, though cryptically backwards.
The new vanity is gorgeous! I wouldn't dare paint it either.
The floor tiles have a retro look to them, and I like the color choices.
A photo of you in a previous post, but none of your wifey??
Paige, you need to say hello to blogland!! :)

You two are doing a great job on your bathroom.
Your poor toilet is probably feeling like a fish out of water. He will be happy when he retakes his rightful place.
First, there was no effort to paint the walls and ceiling on Wednesday, though I did touch up the thin spots in the painted walls for the second time... bulb light and natural light show different things.

Thanks for the nice comments, Jamie! What's funny is that while this is supposed to be two colors of tile, due to differences in fabrication it actually looks like three: dark green, light green, and off-light-green. THAT is cool. And I will post photos of my bride working on this, as well as some of Cheddar helping out, as an epilogue.
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