Sunday, August 20, 2006

Now we get into the heavy labor!

Here's what happened Saturday... quite a bit. I didn't take very many pictures on Sunday because we didn't do much beside tear up the linoleum -- and the backing is going to take a bunch more work to get off the subfloor -- plus I painted over the unpainted/spackled surfaces so they'd have a base coat. We have decided we may replace the vanity afterall, but we're checking prices tomorrow. Onward:

Down goes the medicine cabinet!

Off goes that horrible linoleum backsplash!

Mushy takes off his top! Er, the vanity top.

Out goes the throne on its royal chariot! (It's on the back porch and will be back soon. Good thing we have two bathrooms.)

Also, we started taking out random tiles in the light-green sheets so they can be replaced with dark-green tiles; sample photo of that and pictures of the floor stripping coming tomorrow.

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