Saturday, August 19, 2006

So to begin the saga, the Before shots

I wasn't very vigilant about taking pictures before beginning this epic, and as noted previously I've been trying to get a little bit of prepatory stuff done every weekend, so you'll just have to envision how bad some stuff was. :) So here is approximately what we started with:

Cleaning the outside of the vanity -- yes, the crackheads painted over the stained wood on the front and put paper on the right side then painted over the paper

View from the doorway inward

View from the far wall/window outward

From the tub, a shot of the most used part of the bathroom (beside the toilet)

Tune in tomorrow for destruction shots! Yes, I could post Saturday's now but since I didn't put up the Before photos earlier (sorry) you get some suspense.

I'm on pins and needles!!!!

Showers and toilets and sinks, oh my!!

I look forward to your next home improvement installment. Way to go, Mush & Paige!!
...I'm taking a momentary break from making mosaics with the tiles. My right index finger is going to be really bruised by the time I get done with this. As for the floor stripping, we're STILL working on that -- the backing of that linoleum doesn't want to come off the wood. *whimper* I should be painting right now!!
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