Monday, August 21, 2006

The wax item under the floorboards

Here is Monday's cavalcade of photos, posted a bit late but I was workin' until the wee hours! We took out the old vanity, made shocking discoveries about the flooring (and the previous occupants), and put together a new vanity. Tuesday will see some actual wall painting and subfloor repairs. Also, I replaced the showerhead in the other bathroom and came to discover the flange seriously needs replacing, but that's a subject for another day (though it can't wait forever, it's bound to be leaking on the inside of the wall!).

Old Vanity - the before photo

Old Vanity - the after photo

This one section of floor was 1/8" plywood so we removed it. This was the only piece of this size, so the best I can figure is that someone had to do a repair and mistakenly used 3/8" plywood instead of 1/2" plywood, then had to toss in a 1/8" piece to compensate. Now must replace. Crackheads...

New vanity assembled and in place

We also discovered that the water pipes are degrading, and I did a bunch of scraping of rust out of them before installing brand new valves. The joys of home improvement!

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