Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Car, honk if you suck. *meep*" -- Wolfgang @ VW

Greetings and welcome to another scintilating entry. It's time to discuss some stupidities in the world. Leading the pack (in my head anyway) is the latest shift-bid at work. Everything you need is in this little bottle This time it seems more organized. However, in the list of 150 possible shifts, there is one shift offered that is the same as what I (and dozens of others) are working... Mon-Fri noon-9pm. Which is one more than was offered at the last shift bid for the shift myself and a dozen others were working, Sun-Thu noon-9pm, but I think they might have brought that one back. One bright spot, the seniority rating is listed on the voting page so one can predict how much of a chance one has to get a desired shift. I'm #20 so I do run a great chance of getting an okay shift, just not the one I've been working. Meh. Rainy season has started here, and for some reason the last two weeks I've had trouble getting to work on time no matter what time I leave the house... people drive like it's snowing when there's nothing on the road, no accidents to avoid, not a damn problem to report including rain in those slow areas. Speed the hell up! If I wind up with a 12:30pm-9:00pm shift, I think I'll leave the house at the same time I've been departing; maybe then I'll get to work on time?

Trivial stupidity: I started getting my first wisdom tooth at 19, in the lower left corner, and all it really did at the time was break through the gum with one point. It was about five years before it progressed any further, merely revealing another point. On driving home today I felt something that seemed like I had something in my back teeth, and I felt around back there -- no, just a little more detail of that tooth has become exposed. My 39th birthday is coming up in three weeks, at which time I will have had this tooth still attempting to come in for twenty years, where most everyone else gets them pulled within five years of emerging. (For the record, that is my only wisdom tooth. The one on the lower right got a deep cavity and was pulled by the gheto dentist -- there's a really good story associated with that! -- and the upper two have never shown up, but my dentist says they're on the x-ray.)

Dumb calls that have come to me lately, but should not have:
• Can't keep Internet Explorer running for more than a second, so thinks there's a problem with his home Internet service. More booze, please! (We're not his Internet provider. And it's his computer, not his service.)
• The couple who were frustrated and tired, so everything they said was snippy and snappy, but got angry and hung up when it became apparent they were not following the trouble-shooting steps -- who knew "so what does it say on your screen?" could be so inflamatory? (I would have escalated the call to the right people in one minute had they just played along.)
• Deaf as a freaking post, computer misfiring badly, and the call lasted an hour and three-quarters, involving me under the desk screaming directions into my mike she wasn't following. (I'm told video of this will show up on YouTube in the future. I'll share the link if that happens. Hoo hoo!)
• The guy who couldn't get the flashlight on his Nokia phone to work. (Yes, it had one. No, this isn't a phone I support.)

Hugs aplenty to my sister Becky and my new nephew Xander, born 9/14.

Xander was born on MY birthday!!
Hooray! What a cute name Xander is. Congrats!!!
I LOVE babies!!!!!!! If I wasn't so gosh darned old, I'd have a couple more.

I think your wisdom teeth are a parellel of the real you. You are a person with masked intelligence. Some day, your utter brilliance will be revealed to the world, and your name will go down in history along with geniuses like Einstein and Jamie Dawn and Paige. :-)

Use that hick HomeBoatTrailer photo anywhere you'd like. It is indeed hilarious!!
I misspelled parallel, but I'm still a genius.
Mushy, we that know you, know that the bigger part of your wisdom is still hidden. :-P

great Spackle update. when I saw Trudy in the third pic, for a moment I thought I was looking at the old Elfie in woman's dress, I was shocked!

I love the last photo, maybe the girl in the lower part is the dead of the upper part after reincarnation in new body.
Happy Birthday Xander and Jamie Dawn!

(I've always known truth is going to be in one of those little bottles...)
Ariel: Ahahaha, or at least the cure for womanly pains... Oh, I did find another picture of Uncle Elfie, I think. I'll share soon.

Jamie: Full name is Alexander Michael. His sister is Kaytlyn Gertrude. So now my sis has kids with middle names named after her man's mother and her own father. And thank you, I will be posting that photo in my stream and linking into some appropriate groups.
I think you would love this(German) E-bay ad for a "labtop" I looked at the other day.

The description was something like:

"Old notebook, boots but then shows a few error messages, therefore sold as defect. Probably the hard disk is missing. No guarantee, no return."

"Altes Notebook, läuft zwar an, zeigt dann jedoch Fehlermeldungen, wird daher als defekt verkauft. Wahrscheinlich fehlt die Festplatte. Keine Garantie, keine Rücknahme"
I would love that. I'd look at that and go, "missing drive causing errors? ya think?" But the tech side of me would ask what the error message IS.

Recently I worked on a computer that would go to a blue screen with the message "volume not mounted" (typically seen if there's no valid operating system on the hard drive, but the drive is plugged in) halfway through the XP bootup. Okay, you were there just a minute ago...
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