Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dàvid Gabriella, legyen szíves jön haza!

I'm foregoing the usual biweekly post to throw some bread on the water. This has been bothering me for a bit and now I need to say something. The rest of you can just ignore this, it won't make much sense to you.

Gab, I haven't seen or heard anything from you since July 27. You're bound to be back from your trip by now, and it's not like you to totally ignore the computer. Please speak to me. Gabika the missing Not even when you've been angry with me have you been so silent, and it is scaring me. I attempted to write Ákos (I kept the email he sent when you were having monitor troubles in 2002) to at least find out if you were okay, but that address no longer works -- the domain doesn't resolve anymore, it gives a T-Mobile placeholder page. Now I'm depressed.

You told me not to give up on you before you left for your trip, because you'd been irratic in your online presence for the weeks before then. I fear that either you've given up on me or something happened to you that I'd want to know about.

Szivárvány, mondja meg hol nap ragyog.
(Sorry about any grammar mistakes, blame InterTran.)

you leave a stupid woman speechless...
geez, Mushy, I'd be so happy to say Russians kidnapped me or I was at a jungle trip in Africa or anything whatever makes it look like I didn't just stopped talking to people like the truth is I did... and I sure don't deserve a friend like you, still looking for me, and thank you, and your Hungarian grammar is great, or I see no problem with it, I understand everything you are saying.

I have no excuses. do you still want to talk to me anyway? hey, look, if my friend is still looking for me after all this time I was hid away from him, listen, I must be worth talking even if I am not...

I love you, dear friend.
That's all I requested: to know if you're alive. Thank you for coming back to life...

All is forgiven, it's obvious I want to talk to you, and I love you too. (Duh!)
Mush, you need to read Ariel's witty comments that she leaves at Doug's place. She is so funny and smart!! But, of course, you already know that.

Doug's blog can be found here:

It's a fun place and easy to participate in daily because it's short and to the point.
If you happen to leave a comment, tell Doug that you are friends of Ariel and Jamie Dawn. That is sure to get you the VIP treatment!!! :)
I've seen Ariel around lately, but never this great photo of her. Personally, I find it harder and harder to keep up with all the blogs I know.
And all is right in cyberspace!
yeah, as a big thinker of our time said, it's easier to comment. :)
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