Sunday, September 24, 2006

John Improvement: The Final Installment

...or until I roll the bloopers & outtakes reel.

First, must say hello to any new readers. Not that I believe I have any, other than the Aussie japanophile pyrite, but I have been a little more active in the Blogspot blogosphere than previously so ya never know, someone who likes to emulate Ambrose Bierce occasionally might click on my nick. What you need to know is this:
Start at the beginning of this blog and move forward. What has been written in the last month or so is not really what this blog is supposed to be about -- everyday stupidies, not home improvements -- so start from the start and you'll be happier. I wrote some killer stuff months ago. Really. When you get done browsing this blog (which may be in a couple minutes if you're not digging my noodling) pop over to Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul (linked in the left column) because I posted the October update to the found photos & lost memories site.

Now, on with the completion of the bathroom project. Or close enough that I can show off the room with pride, anyway. I still have yet to order the left sidesplash (due to the only person at Lowe's who knows anything about custom vanities not working today) but that's the only significant piece that's missing.

Here is the new trim around the egress and closet doors:

Here's the shower, specifically the pretty new curtain and the 12" brushed nickel flange I put in tonight with that bipolar euro showerhead -- and we have been using the shower since Friday, it's really great:

Here's a shot of the light, medicine cabinet, and vanity, with adorable model (ignore the temporary lack of left sidesplash, please):

A view from the entry into the bathroom; isn't this excellent?!:

Paige is working on a mosaic on the windowsill, that's what you're seeing back there. The flange was changed not only because the standard chrome didn't match the brushed nickel we've been using but also because the standard 6" caused us to bump into the shower's hanging soap/razor/etc. holder constantly, knocking everything off, so we figure having the showerhead another six inches forward might help. The spout in the shower will be replaced as soon as I can find one; all the ones in the bin at the store are chrome, and the brushed nickel ones demoed on the wall are apparently part of a systeme so you pay over a hundred bucks to get one in a box with a matching shower valve and showerhead, neither of which we need. The bathroom is in full use now so let's call this job done!

It is indeed excellent, but I cannot excuse the lack of the left side splash. I am kidding, of course, since I would not have noticed it at all.

Now, on to the kitchen remodel once you get up the nerve and the funds to complete the job. You and Paige are pros now, so the kitchen will be no problemo.
dear new readers, don't let Mushroom to fool you! we mostly discuss kitchen and bathroom stuff here, and Mushroom has very funny stories of restrooms of several libraries, too. we sometimes discuss the traffic, too.
of course it's not true.
We also discuss women's anatomy and how some people weren't given any encouragement to learn how to think. :)

I was talking last night to a coworker who used to work for a couple large hardware store chains and a frou-frou plumbing gallery. She said, to my surprise, that with the hundreds of toilets and sinks she's put together she's only installed a couple sinks and no toilets, and always had other people do the tile in her various remodels. I felt really good that I've done these things, successfully, without any formal or practical training. :)
Yet you make no mention of the cat in your sink. I wonder, is there a cat deficiency in your fungi nature?
Cheddar is part of the scenery... he doesn't need mention, he's just there. :)
I bet Cheddar likes Skittles.
Cheddar only likes crunchies. We can leave a pepperoni pizza on the coffeetable and he won't touch it. He likes being near M&M's and the people who eat them. ;-)
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