Monday, September 18, 2006

The Weekend Report (or A Report Out Of My Weak End)

Greets, all. Amazingly I was able to get Blogger to accept five photos, and it only took 18 tries to get them them loaded (heck, the first one took five tries). Guys, what's up? So without too much jawboning, here are some photos. Actual stupidities and descriptions of the life I lead can wait until later this week.

Late at night, when all the people are sleeping, The Toothbrush Family comes to life! There's father Tom, mother Tess, and little Tina and Tony. Oh, and Gramps!

Replaced the crusty silver-ish toggle and drain cap with brushed nickel pieces. Finding a spout that matches for a fair price could take a little hunting.

Replaced the paint-covered air vent cover with a swell new one. And since the floor is now a little higher than it had been this required me to Dremel off ¼" from the bottom. The things I do for art...

Glued up and grouted the cove tiles last weekend. Sealed them a couple days ago but the room's air is still unbreatheable. Ahh, suade shoes...

We have stained the wood strips and will put them up soon. This image is just a representation -- after a second staining of a test piece, the color is just as light but it's more glossy, and we kind of like that effect so we're going to put on a second coat before nailing up.

We bought a special new showerhead today, a Short Euro by Sun-Cal, at the Puyallup Fair for a fair discount. Notice that the two sides independantly hinge up and down and also flap sideways. Perfect if there are two people in the shower of different heights, or you want to wash out both ears at the same time. (Finding a brushed nickel flange is easy. Finding a matching flange ring... uh, hmm.)

The shower rod has been spraypainted white twice but not mounted yet (paint must dry and it's been rainy the last day or so). You're updated now.

Thanks for the comment on my blog! ^_^ I liked your ministory!
Thank you, Becca! Yours is not average, I must say. :)
if you show me all those after pictures (including previous ones) before starting the rebuilt and say, 'Look, this is what I want to make my bathroom look.', I say, 'Ok, then call an expert, how could you do it yourself?'. wonderful. in your place I'd never want to leave my bathroom anymore. :)
of course I meant "you" in plural, because this is the work of a couple. :)
Heh, thank you very much! There are still a few small details to complete before we're using the bathroom fully, but it's pretty much complete and looking fine. Final photos coming after those details are complete, which should be done over the weekend. And we haven't planned the bathroom party yet. ;-)
I'm guessing that Paige has christened the new toilet by now. The new throne may be pretty, but it serves a lowly, and very needed purpose!

The shower head is mega cool. I've never seen one like it.

I can tell already that the finished room will be superb. The tile work is most excellent.
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