Thursday, September 07, 2006

You're the Betty Crocker of the bathroom!

the proverbial t-shirtBeen there, done that, didn't actually get the t-shirt (it was only $5) but did photograph it.
Launching directly into the stupidity of the day, it is an IT department that installs firewall software during work hours (they can't be arsed to do anything after 9pm, when people have left for the day), in the process causing major chaos in accessing the customer database and other vital applications while three hundred people are on calls. Which isn't necessarily connected to why there will be no calls on queue, plenty of people sitting twiddling, yet when I try to dial out to forward someone where they need to be there's a message saying "all circuits are busy" in a voice quite similar to our IT director [but I can't prove that's him]. I don't mean to imply that I could do any better, but I'd certainly be doing my screwing up when no one was around to feel the sting. Still, no matter how screwed up stuff is here (and I consider installing content filtering software because people can't be trusted to be pretty screwed up), it's still not as bad as the time that the tech service department of the local library system installed a new firewall program systemwide two weeks before they received training on how to deploy it, resulting in about ten days of inability to look up books or manage patron records -- not to mention what the public cares about and comes to libraries in droves to do, browse the Net. (Kisses, Andrea. You will not be forgotten.)

Gigi's green union suitTo make up for posting the photo my wife didn't like of her without underwear, here's one she does like of her with underwear. Okay, we didn't buy this union suit but she loved it.
In the renovation department, progress has been slow but this isn't a race. I put up the cove tiles in the closet (after Paige painted the lower part -- that's it, just the area from floor to the bottom shelf), and have yet to put up the medicine cabinet because I'm gonna need some molly screws to hold it up. (Oh, stud finder, where art thou?) I'll be visiting Yakima on Saturday to see some in-laws and do some computer twaddling, so there's one day of doing practical things like grouting I'm short. I was told something the other night that was encouraging: We have neighbors three doors down who have been doing a bathroom fixup for six months -- and it's still not a functional space. There's a leak to fix and they still haven't been able to solve it on their own. (That house was up for sale when we bought ours, so this could have been our problem. However, Paige was against living in a two-story house and it turns out the upstairs is terribly hot in summer, and I couldn't deal with a back lawn which visibly has been smothered by pine needles thus nothing's going to grow.) The woman of the house says that her in-laws are coming for a stay next week, so having the bathroom useable would have been really great... ugh! It feels very good, in that light, to know that we've [nearly] completed the project rather than let it languish, and that people think it looks faaaabulous. The other bathroom and the kitchen, not necessarily in that order, will be facing serious renovations now that we know we're capable, likely next summer so we can save up our sheckles again since those are gonna take more time and money to do. By the way, since you asked: I've used the new toilet once, and Paige is still too giddy to break it in.

Hi Paige! Time to break in that throne!!

I very much prefer single story homes. Our new one is a single story with a bonus room upstairs.

Enjoy your weekend!
I got the medicine cabinet up today so she should sit and enjoy the room more now. :) Her reason for wanting a single story is because she's afraid of falling down stairs. Right before we were married she lived in a walk-up apartment with her aunt, and both of them tumbled on a regular basis.
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