Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More bridges to cross and crosses to bridge

Chip & DaleGreets, all. I've been in a process of organizing, relaxing, thinking and rethinking, and gathering my rosebuds. Alene asked me the other day whether I'm enjoying the stress-free life, and I replied that no job I've ever had was as stressful as not having a job. I've finally had (or taken) the time to clean up my room a bit, which I haven't done in years and it's needed it since Labor Day 2005, and I've done some detail work on the bathroom -- a little spray texture on the bare spots, a couple layers of paint, and putting in molly-screws for the towel racks because the little screws provided with them are ineffective in sheetrock. (When I was taking the racks down, the screws were already halfway out.) I've also been out shooting photos, as you can see in this post, but little I consider that serious or artistic so far other than a wonderful photo of Cheddar which I'll post some other time. Meantime, enjoy some gamboling squirrels and some prancing plastic flamingos.

I was forraging in the pantry the other day and found a box of chocolate fortune cookies. Not quite fresh but they never were. There were two I ate that made me think about whether I believe cookie fortunes and what this applies to. Run into traffic The two fortunes, phrased slightly differently, basically said to reconcile with a long-lost friend. I could not come up with anyone that I've become estranged with that I thought I should look up. A day or two later, I get a snailmail letter from my wife's best friend from high school asking about her whereabouts... seems that for longer than it should have been, Paige hasn't been responding to her letters and email (well, she hasn't read her email since 2003, that's why). The letter contained a stamped envelope, so she was serious about getting something back. I have no clear concept why Paige been silent to a few people for so long, other than the embarassment of having put off responding. It was the next day, while eating some more fortune cookies, that I came to the conclusion that I may have been eating cookies meant for my wife. By the way... Welcome to my blog, Connie!

I don't have anything particularly stupid to report which hasn't been mentioned in some fashion over the previous five entries, and those haven't gotten that much smarter as yet. I can however add that I sent an email to someone I considered worth the time of day (obliquely mentioned in "regular upright position" and "cried me a river") a week ago to tell of my dismissal, and there's been no response. I'm interpreting that as a lack of giving a shit about me, which is fine since that person spends more time grinding axes than burying hatchets. A friend told me recently that the opposite of love is not hate -- it's a total lack of interest. That's something I've never been able to cultivate but have often been the subject of, and in nearly four decades I've not figured out a way to not care; others are able to do it without a second thought, literally. The latest Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul update has been posted, and I'm planning a special Christmas-themed edition for December. Cheers until next time.

At what point will the icicle lights become apropos?

Greatly missing you here. I have reason to make a trek to burien next saturday, perhaps i should stretch a little more south?
Icicle lights become appropriate in the month of December, though with global warming and marketing shifts November is fair game (and less cold, and reduces the incidences of ladders slipping on ice). They should come down by January 15 but I'm willing to accept Feb 1 for the weather issues. If they're still up in April, expect to see me drive by with my window down and my camera up.

I'm definitely south of Burien (and Renton, and FedWay...), and you're welcome to drop by, I could use the laughs.
Caring is certainly not a bad quality in any person.
I'm sure your wifey-poo is glad to be married to someone who gives a sh!t. :) You may want to ask her about any fortunes she has had lately, since it seems you may be having a message mix up. You never know, maybe she had one recently that read, "Be gentle with morons you encounter on the phone."
I went back and reread your last post, since I did not get through it when I was here last time.
What a birthday MISfortune! It sounds like you handled it very well. I'm sure they expected a bigger reaction. You didn't give them the satisfaction of watching you look like your world had ended, since indeed it hadn't. You should have danced a jig and said, "Thanks for the BESTEST birthday present EVER!" I hope you find another job soon and one that you really enjoy.
I checked out the Spackle photos:

David/Donna's sewing ability sucks. He/she should have pursued baking or gardening.

Thank the lord I never had the occasion of hearing that Scrotie & the Phagtonez band!! I'm reminded of the musical non-ablility of Bill & Ted.
Thanks, Jamie! Despite not having a job being more stressful than having a job... I can't say I miss the place. (Sorry, Illiterate. I miss you, not the job.) They probably were expecting something less blithe from me, but I believe in the self-fulfilling prophesy: after however many times of the call center manager telling me that I don't want to be there, and me protesting that he was mistaken, when it came down to the end I didn't have anything I felt worth begging for except which call this regarded. Now then, the Unemployment folks better not f*ck with me, they need to hand over my money.

No one said David/'Donna' was a good seamstress, only that this was her chosen vocation. I think I did hear Scrotie at this motel lounge in Yakima, WA during college... gawd, what a fun night that was, my computer prof got totally hammered and came up with the funniest X-rated lyrics to Winwood's "Roll With It". That place is now a homeless shelter, which should tell you something about what Scrotie can do for your business.
I would never mistake your opinion of the job with your opinion of me.

I tried e-mailing you some halloween pics of the boy (the one in the family who actually has a costume) but I got your address wrong. i'll retry today when i have more time.
That's good to know, Illiterate. I enjoy your friendship more than bridging and faking sympathy any day. :) And thanks for the photos of your scion, loved 'em and Paige thought they were cute too. Hugglez to your bride!
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