Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I think last night you were driving circles around me

it's the blaze across my nightgownWhen I said last weekend that I wanted to change my life, I only meant how I make money... not everything. There's a lot I'm not going to say about this last weekend. Such as why I was in a motel room alone on the edge of Puyallup, wrangling with a 28800bps dialup connection because I don't have a wireless card. It was an educational experience, where I learned that some people can take art photos of nothing in particular and some cannot, that a Twix bar and orange juice at 6am after not eating for fourteen hours will keep one from sleeping or thinking clearly, how you will see the damnest bits of sugar packet thievery at a continental breakfast. I also discovered how frail the bond between people can be, how everyone has some point where their nuclear fusion detonator gets tripped and the countryside will be devestated, and that the internal demons can't come out to play when other children are out on the teeter-totters and swings -- the little demons might scare park visitors of all ages. I felt like something out of a hard-boiled detective movie, minus the detective part and the chainsmoking (and the flashing neon sign outside the window). I'm terrible at biding my time unless there's a computer and decent Internet connection (gee, to think I used to live at 2400bps without complaint, but that was just text BBSs), and lousy at trying to catch lost zzz's in a Goodwill parking lot. But come the dawn of a new day, the morning after the night and morning, my world returned to its pleasant blue-green color scheme. you were in my dreams I have photos from my exile, some of which I like, and memories of standing watching the rain from a second story walkway wondering if I will see the sun again.

And with this look of "dammit!" from Cheddar Meatloaf, the more aesthetically pleasing description of my financial straits. Last Wednesday and yesterday, I did some contract work for a computer company's techie outsourcer. The first job was in Tacoma and it was nothing like what had been described on my sheet. Lotsa laughs over that one. Monday's job was closer to the letter, and while it was slated for two days I got my part done in nine hours. Yeah, aced myself out of another eight hours at $20 an hour for being efficient, but I am not complaining. Tomorow I'll be in Redmond, which should also be following the script, and having only five computers to work with I will likely be done by tea-time. I was awaken this morning by a call from the Unemployment people (good thing I had the day off afterall, since I would have been gone at the time) who asked about my vacation hours payout, which had been holding up benefits in previous weeks and disqualified me from getting anything last week because I finally got it, so I will finally be getting a check. Of course, since I'm skipping tomorrow's "how to get a job" manditory class because I'll be working a job (just that day and that hour, not For Real) they'll screw with my getting paid yet again. Hmm, beyond all that, I'm still looking (weakly) for work, and the friend mentioned last week admitted that when she began seeking income without boundaries she was still gainfully employed -- "I had my first and second books published while I was still at the law firm, so by the time I left the firm I was finally getting income from the books," she told me the other night. I am at least rich in friends, even if I can't freaking get ahold of them or get a response in a timely manner, and that's gotten me emotionally through some rough spots. (Hi, Bobbie!)

in the collapse of one's world the lack of decent Internet connection must be the biggest blow. I'm happy you're back on your PC!
If that was the only real blow sustained out of the weekend, I can live with that. What I thought the blow was, not quite as easy to live through.
best of luck in all this, mush. wish i had time to be available to you right now.. getting ready to go visit family for two weeks.. oh, and we have freaking mold in our freaking walls, so now the concept of moving again is coming up. fsck a doodle doo..
oh, and thanks for getting that song stuck in my head..

"i can't drink this coffee til i put you in my closet.." what does that even mean?
Good to see someone got the Kristen Hersh/Michael Stipe song reference. I can relate to the "I can't drink this coffee 'til I put you in my closet" statement -- I believe it means, "I can't get on with my day until I've come to some closure with my thoughts of you." I too have trouble focusing on useful stuff when I've got certain people, places, and things on my mind because they're unresolved.
btw: You're good, don't worry about me.

Sorry to hear about your mycology experiment gone horribly wrong. Don't waste any time, either have it eradicated or get the hell out!
the mold situation is causing me to share my wife's blunt attitude towards people. they're going to cater to us, not the other way around. if they want us to move because of a health risk which we didn't cause, they'll wait for us to get back from vacation, and they'll damn well pay for it.

and i'm certain we didn't cause it, because we found mold on the windows when we first moved in, back in august, on the tail end of a very hot, dry summer.
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