Sunday, January 28, 2007

and two more quart cans of stupid to kick over

There were a couple other stupidities to report yesterday but eluded me when I sat down at the keyboard. (Which is odd because I was at the keyboard when they happened. Rephrase as "sat back down at the keyboard after getting an orange juice" then.) decoration on a 1958 Ford Fairlane Airliner They're obviously Internet related but the fault of a stupid human.

a) I started up a peer-to-peer file sharing program to hunt up a song I heard on the radio ("Lady" by Little River Band, if you were curious) and the first thing the program did was pop up a window saying that the trial period of this beta version has passed, so please download the latest version. I went to the source website... and this is still the latest version; whatever update they thought they were going to be putting out by now hasn't happened. At least it still let me run the program after I clicked Okay -- I've seen a program or two which have closed and refused to budge, despite there being no 'required' update available.

b) This is a continuation of the irony section of yesterday's post: I mentioned I have an interview with Rectangulon tomorrow (Monday). The woman told me to go to Rectangulon Jobs Dot Com, then fill out their application. "You can't miss it," she said. I thought she was talking about a printable form, but as you read they have an online form which punted me out for being honest about my work history in the preliminary questions. So I go to the site to find the printable form, I can't find it, and when I log in I get a message saying that due to the qualifying failure I am ineligible to seek work from them through this site until March 27. This wouldn't be the first time Rectangulon has given me bad directions then acted like I was too inept follow them. (The first was when they gave me their address for a mall kiosk job two years ago. They outsource their email handling, believe it or not, and the person had transposed two numbers in their address in that email. Since I didn't print the email [I didn't own a printer], thus would have been able to prove that it was not my error, I got a sneer when I told them why I was 10 minute late to the interview and didn't get consideration for the salesdrone job... which is something I can't cry much over.) We'll see what happens tomorrow.

I spent my entire unemployment check today on a ceiling fan, a gallon and two quarts of paint, some track lighting, and about five hundred linear feet of wood trim... we begin the diningroom and hallway renovation shortly.

Jamie Dawn said:
Commenting this time was a no go at your blog. An error has ocurred -unable to complete your request. Nonsense!!

I made the switch to New Blogger a couple of days ago. Up until then,it wouldn't allow me to make the switch even though it kept showing me the link that said for me to make the switch. I haven't checked out
any of the newfangled features yet. I will one of these days.

I think youv'e learned your lesson, and from now on you should not admit to having been in a Turkish prison when filling out any job applications.
I hope the interview went well. Rectangulon sounds like a comic book character.
Good luck with the continued home improvement projects.
I hope Ariel recieves the candy. Almond Roca... YUMMY!
I'll be explaining more shortly, but the quick update to all that...

* Gee, there was such hope. You managed to get on and respond days earlier, what's up with Blogger? Good for you for upgrading, even if that didn't solve the old problems.

* Actually, I probably haven't learned my lesson. I interviewed with the folks Rectangulon was representing, it seemed great to me, and then I found out yesterday that they didn't want me. I'm guessing it was because my answer to "how often is okay to be tardy to work in six months?" was "once a month, that road you're on is horrible"... I should have gasped in horror and said "It's NEVER okay to be late!" Damn me for being realistic.

* Thank you, I completed a big one yesterday and will be doing another this weekend I presume. And I also hope Magyar Posta sees fit to not steal Ariel's box of goodies.
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