Friday, January 12, 2007

Here comes Suzy Snowflake

manThe weather in the Puget Sound area has been abnormal lately. I've already told you about trees going down and lights going out from wind, which is something that usually happens once every few years -- the previous major storm everyone here speaks of was on President Clinton's second inauguration day, so most Seattle-area folks missed seeing the ceremony on TV. Well, we have had two big (but not as big) windstorms since the major one, and two days ago we received an inch or two of snow followed by sub-freezing temperatures since then so stuff isn't melting very fast. We've also had a lot of rain and subsequent flooding. The snow is common in many areas, including where I grew up (I stood at the back door watching it because it's been awhile since I've seen an honest snowfall), but here? We're not prepared. In Yakima County there'd be no school closures for that small amount of snow and the week of ice and slush that follow; here, most stuff just stops for a day or two. The flooding we had in my neighborhood subsided right before the snow, though I have one neighbor right on Clover Creek who gets a swimming pool for a backyard every year. This all is what most people here consider a big ol' stupidity, the weather.

I'm still not employed and haven't had any nibbles lately, which leads to the stupidity anecdote in the next paragraph. I however have been quite busy with stuff around the house, some of which is worthwhile, so I feel fairly good. I've put away all the Christmas stuff, which if you know my household is a major undertaking, and this time it includes the two boxes of stuff in my office which have been accrued over the previous year (or didn't get put away last year!). You've already seen my new gutters. I've had some digital photos printed and have been framing them. (No word from the art place about the framer job, by the way.) Paige bought three little cans of paint -- "smoke screen", "orchid blossom", and "faint flicker" -- and splotched sample stripes in various places in the livingroom and hallway to see what we think of them, so I take this to mean that we shall be painting those two spaces in the near future since she's not one to leave light grey, dark grey, and light lavender shmeres blatently on the sickly-yellow walls for very long. (The "orchid blossom" was my choice, and she thinks it'd be better for our yellow-on-yellow kitchen. I think "smoke screen" is too dark for a livingroom but she disagrees.) I have taken pictures of the samples but won't post here until I've made sure the colors onscreen are correct. I've done other fun home improvement project and craft stuff around the house too which vaporizes from my head when I sit at the computer.

machineI applied for this job in November with a local company that fights phishing (and charges business clients whose good domain names are being sullied by phishers a pretty penny to shut the bastards down) but heard nothing more. The job is still open, and one of the employment sites sent me notice of this so I applied again. Let me interject something here: The sites send a digital copy of your résumé to the prospective employers with a few bonus tidbits, including a "Career Objectives" line (which I think is stupid), and mine says that I want to work with computers and would prefer to be behind the scenes helping coworkers and systems rather than in a customer-facing capacity. I boldface the word "prefer" here for a reason (it's plain on what's sent), because it's where I'd like to go. Back to the story: Half an hour later the antiphishing place's HR department replies:
Thanks for getting in touch with us about the position. It looks like you've got a lot of experience in entry level tech support, and are looking to move away from that altogether. Unfortunately, we don't have an opening that you're looking for right now. Providing a high level of quality customer support is a critical aspect of the job, among other things. I'm keeping your résumé on file in case we have an opening down the road that does not require some client interaction.

Ahem. I'm a pretty easygoing person, but I have not been so pissed about a brush-off given for ersatz reasons since my days in the dating pool. I spent 45 minutes regaining my bearings and debating whether I should respond, and if so how. I decided that I wanted to fight for this and came up with a business-friendly way of requesting they take a second look, which included saying that every business must be entered from the ground floor, while my eventual goal is to get off the phones my experience is being on them, and "if my qualifications meet your requirements then please advance me to the next stage of consideration; my experience and desire to learn are the criteria by which I want to be judged." I haven't heard anything further, but I feel better for not giving up so easily (and for such non-reasons).

Don't you know that displaying a starfish allergy is a major red-flag, even if they didn't expect you to spend time with the customers? Do what I do, profess a deep and abiding love for tounging the moist brown arsehole of john q stupid.
Jamie Dawn said:
Your response to the job brush off was well worded, and you manged to keep your cool. I hope you get a job soon, and it would be great if it's one you actually enjoy.

My hubby let me have total control of all the choices inside and out for our new home. By out, I mean the exterior choices such as brick, rock, colors, etc. He will handle the landscaping when the time comes. He is really good at that. He didn't want any part of the colors and flooring and cabinets and countertops and decorating choices. He wasn't pissy about it at all; he just wanted to let me handle it all. I LOVED that!!

Your soon to be UNyellow kitchen sounds like it will be sunny and fresh. The lavender color sounds pretty. Depending on the size of the room, dark gray could look really good. You could put some crown molding up and paint the ceiling a great contrasting color such as gold. I love thinking about colors and stuff like that. Have fun with whatever you do. Tell Paige I'm on her side if you two lock horns over the choices. We girls must stick together! Just kidding! I'm sure you'll
come to some consensus.

Bad weather sucks! Bundle up and hold on to your hat!! Best of luck to you and Paige in all of your home improvement endeavors!! My mom is coming out next Tuesday for five days, and she is going to help me plan what to do with decorating our house. I have some ideas and I thrive on bargain shopping. It will be fun!!
illiterate: I'm gonna have trouble finding a job with this erection, thank you very much. I guess I forgot that when an employer asks "where do you see yourself in five years?" they don't want something resembling the truth.

Jamie: Thank you for the good vibes and the approval on my response.
My wife gets control of anything she wants control of, but since we often think alike it's not an issue most of the time which way we should go. We're not thinking of crown molding for the top, in fact we're removing some in the kitchen, and there's no way we'd live with a gold ceiling in any room... but we will be replacing the molding strip around the base of the room and down the hall; I think it should be a contrasting color but she believes it should be bright white (against grey?). Enjoy your bargain house decorating!
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