Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Manual? This modem don't need no stinking manual!

show me your 3 girls JDOkay, just let you know: Things did not turn out as horrific as I feared. The modem arrived on Monday while Paige was still home to sign for it, I got home from work with enough time to set things up and be able to call Qwest before their office closed if need be, I plugged the modem into the livingroom phone jack as a test and it synched up, and I've been online with great happiness ever since. The speed isn't too shabby: about 1mbps down and 500kbps up. So I can rest better, whenever it is that I go to bed because now I have this zippy toy...

The stupidity of the moment is one we've covered before but I thought was no longer an issue. It can be summed up with the words: geez, I could swear the price of gasoline was $2.53 when I left the house yesterday, so why was it $2.67 when I was coming home? One of the local newscasters, warning us of the spike, gave some reason for it that you could tell by his face he realized made no sense at all. I suspect a bunch of places raised their prices because they were told the prices would possibly be going up. So at right is another one of those vehicles (circa 1949 but likely not as safe as a DMZ SuperCar) which prove that we can make internal combustion engines that get high mileage but yet we don't. Hey, anyone else beside me think this new Death Race 2000-variety TV show on FOX called "Drive" is setting a bad example?

Just wanted to let you know that I have no further gripes about the DSL setup and I'm not using dialup anymore. One slight complaint though: After years of being on dialup, picking up music files and such r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y, I now have a fat pipe, and those files I'm downloading off the peer-to-peers... are still coming in really freakin' slow. What?!? Either those people are on dialup or they're sharing with so many people their bandwidth is getting diluted. But it's still pretty fast on loading sites and downloading from webpages, so it's all good.

Well, you'll want cable service if you really want to get your pron quickly.

Actually p2p can be very sensitive to firewalls and such, because your upstream rates can determine your downstream.
I'm getting my pr0n as fast as others can send it. Tried some Torrents yesterday, not much better but it may have been the people (in the singular in each case, it turns out) and my selections.

May have a point there, Shareaza let me know that since I'm behind a router I might not be able to share... not sure anyone ever tested the theory on me. SoulSeek didn't mind and I was sending out there fine.
You could try killing your router's firewall. or setting up a passthrough. Then let me know your ip address, i feel like snooping.
Jamie Dawn said:
Hooray for high speed internet!!!!
I'm glad you said goodby to SLOW dial up.

I haven't heard about that show on FOX that you mentioned.
If it's a reality show, I won't like it.

I've noticed gas prices are back UP again, but luckily, I've haven't seen a mid-day jump in prices.

Have a nice weekend. Try to pry yourself away from the computer, if you can.
Jamie: Ugh, still having trouble posting, I see. "Drive" isn't a reality show, not in any sense of the word. I like my high speed, but noticed that it was taking 2 minutes to get content from (access to pix and personal details are free at the moment... and none of my mates who I would want more info about have any of that posted!). Dialup would have been faster, or just as slow. And I have no reason to get off the computer -- my wife is out for the weekend with her family, and the friend who said he'd be coming over is having his house electrical rewired so he's going to stay home.

Illiterate: The firewall is off by default. However, it does have an admin login (which I've changed from the default of "admin" with no PW) and a toggle for making login unavailable. I'm sure others are scanning me but they're coming up with nothing. Last night I sent away for a switchbox so that I can physically disable the Internet connection to the computer (when I want to use the machine without being online) without shutting anything off or unplugging anything.
You can use the computer without being online? Wow.

You know, most of us would just disconnect the cable.
I rarely, rarely am able to get through to your comment page.
Let us rejoice with exceeding great joy as I have made it to this page without an error notice.
Now, let\'s see if this comment will post when I\'m finished writing it.
Oh please, please, please...
Thanks for stopping by and sending encouragement my way.
I hope this new doc is good. He\'s supposed to be, but that doesn\'t mean he\'ll be good for me.
We shall see...
I\'m sure you are still enjoying your high speed internet.
Have a nice week!!
It posted!
It posted!
It posted!

Break out the sparkling cider!!!!

It posted!
It posted!
It posted!!
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