Sunday, June 24, 2007

I was born in the winter and cooled by a warm heart

subject line from "Lady" by Little River Band... and actually I was born in the autumn and warmed by the May sun

Howdy, my two to four readers! I'm sort of on the ball lately; yesterday I posted the July update to Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul (see link at left), and today I wrote my bimonthly entry for Say Something Cryptic's Daybook (also at left, plus a click). I should feel a little bad about not doing some work on that site because I haven't updated all the links on it to point to its present location, but I never think about it. Or until I'm writing a Daybook entry and say "oh, I haven't done that yet." Not that anyone really notices beside O+>, bless his heart.

Real life stupidity perpetrated by me, myself, and I: I broke the fourth toe on my right foot. And I did it by hitting my foot against one of my new baseboard trim strips while running to my home office last week. I'll leave out most of the explanation of why I was running down the hall to my office out, it's pretty stupid, and merely say that the goal was to look out my window to confirm that a schoolbus was dropping off a student at the corner, to answer the question "school is still in session here on June 19?!" And it was. That mere fact, as one who was always done with school by the fifth of June, is another stupidity but the elders credit too many snow-days for the extended length. Personally, I credit (as I have done in this blog before) the fact that the local school district seems to take a day off every two or three weeks... if the kids and teachers were in class where they belong, maybe they wouldn't fall behind? But anyhow (as one who pays the school taxes yet has no kids of his own), my opinion doesn't matter. I've sought no medical attention for this toe -- okay, I did go seek it the next day but the clinic was full of people so I wandered back out; Internet friends who have had broken toes told me the doctor is not going to do anything cast/splint/X-ray/settingwise anyhow. I have some nice pictures of that toe to show the massive bruising, but you probably don't want to see them. Click hither if you do, you sick sick person you. The bruise spread a bunch after that photo, but it has since subsided down to a tasteful brown that goes up into the main part of my foot.

Here are a few random stupidities which I've come across lately:
from Brownie negative• Was passing the side of a Skippers Fish & Chips on the corner of the main major thoroughfare going to work, and noticed while sitting at the light that there was a chicken strutting around the dumpster. She probably knew this was a fish place; you wouldn't see that at a KFC. (Voice in my head of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets: "here chicky chicky chicky...") And then I noticed the brood of chicks next to her. Urban free range poultry!
• Was passing the side of a Shell station on the corner of the main major thoroughfare going to work, and noticed there was a nicely-dressed man walking up and down the sidewalk with a sign while I sat at the light. Okay, turn this way... "You can buy drugs at the pump here!" it said. Having passed this gas station after midnight every night on the way home from work, it sounded accurate. And that very night, exactly that happened -- when I was driving past, a car pulled up to the side of the pumps, and a guy in a car at the pump walked over and handed the newly-arrived driver something. That's what I call a full service island!
• Bumpersticker of the day, seen on the back of a minivan: "Beware of the stupid driver behind me."
• T-shirt I'm going to order is an ad from a matchbook cover: front - "115,000 More Programmers Needed By 1975", back (with striker!) - "Learn Basic Computer Programming At Home! Experienced Men Earn $7,000 - $12,000 Per Year". See it here.

Your toe looks hideous. Yes, I AM a sick person to click over there and take a gander.
I'm sure it hurt like hell when it happened.

Many years ago, my mother dropped a can of soup on her toe. It was horrible and very funny at the same time.

That bumper sticker slogan is great!!! It reminds me of the t-shirt "I'm with stupid."
It's always nice to make someone other than yourself look like an idiot. :-)
In my line of work, it's not hard to find the true idiots. They're everywhere. Which make the pictures and shirts that have the revision of The Sixth Sense's "I see dead people" as "I see dumb people" more true than most people know.

It just kinda hurt. Looking down at it hurt more than the injury.
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