Friday, August 24, 2007

open the door, get on the floor; everybody walk the dinosaur!

Hello, lovers of stupidities or likers of The Mushroom! Not much dumb has befallen me since last we spoke, I'm happy to say. For the second time in a row (out of two possible) I was slated to fill in for a coworker on Thursday but someone else stepped up to take the shift. the full set of CubeWorld cubes Which is a good thing because someone must have slipped me a Mickey Finn... I got home from a grocery store, couldn't focus, dozed out on the couch, then dragged myself outside to have a nap on a blanket on the lawn in the shade (lacking a seguaro cactus to lean against and a sombrero to block the sun). My wife came home with a coworker wanting to take me out to dinner an hour later, and I managed to drag myself out into the world but never quite was all there. One guess: Who knew after growing up in the Yakima Valley that I would find tamarind soda to be such a tranquilizer? On a more energetic note, I received the four Series Three blocks in the Cube World desk toy set in the mail the other day so I'm happyish.

Next week will be somewhat active because I have five days off! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are my usual days off anyway. My old bud Chrome (R.A.T. #1) will be dropping in on Tuesday for a visit. The next in the Paradise Bowl standup comedy series will be Wednesday. I'm sure there's something worth saying about Thursday but I can't place it right now... beside writing something for Say Something Cryptic if I take the time. Friday night is the wedding reception for a couple friends, and I wouldn't miss it for the world. Saturday, we're off to the annual Packwood communitywide swap meet (see ya there, Illiterate/*<3/Nemo). So there'll be nearly no rest for this little grey mushroom.

This entry isn't particularly long because I don't have any actual stupid things to complain about. Okay, there's one sort of inside joke in the office that qualifies... The office I work in has a little bathroom inside the office, and then there are men's and women's rooms out in the hall. Every weekday around 11 p.m., the cleaning crew comes in and empties the trash and tends the bathroom. We never are out of toilet paper, hand towels, ass-gaskets, or soap because they're good about those sorts of things. However, it's dubious whether they ever clean the toilet. I'm not saying the bowl is a mess, just follow along: Somehow someone left a fecal streak on the underside of the seat, in an unlikely and unmissable place. (Always lift that seat by the left side, let's say.) 9/10 of the people in the office are male, so the seat is up most of the time. There is also a piece of dried grass on the flush handle, and we've all been pretty careful not to dislodge it. The concept here is to see how long it takes before the cleaning crew does something about the obvious items, the racing stripe and the blade of grass. have you played Atari today? It's been two or three weeks. I can hear my former boss when I worked in janitorial going apeshit if those items were still there the next day, but this building is not so blessed with that sort of management. Which explains the lighting in the men's room out in the hall...

The September update to Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul took place so you can go have a look at that. Really, I need to get a guestbook and possibly commenting system set up for that page... at least the hit counter still works because it's based elsewhere. The image at left is of my Atari 2600 cartridge collection, remnants of a bygone age where joysticks had one button. I don't play them nearly as often as I should because my attention span has shortened. So unless I think of something cerebral to say, and don't say it on Say Something Cryptic, that's it until this time next week. I think I'm still a little out of it from yesterday, if that's possible.

Happyish is always better than sadish.

Enjoy those days off.

Sounds like you were drugged! Although there are times when a supposed short nap feels as if you slept like the dead. The body needs to replenish whenever it can, I guess.

As for the dirty office toilet. HITONIOUS!!! I am a fanatic about my toilets. They MUST be cleaned regularly, and I DO mean CLEANED!
I think you should take a marker and make an arrow pointing to the streak. That MAY get the janitor's attention.
One of my mantras is "Have fun, then have more fun." I will enjoy my days off, that's why I'm taking them. :) Technically Thursday is an on-call day so it's a good thing I don't have anything scheduled, not that they'll call me or anything.

I'm a believer that a clean toilet is a happy toilet... not fanatical about it at home, but the number of users is limited so not as much to worry about. I'm more involved in the tile in my bathroom than the ceramic on it... the tile shows dirt (etc.) worse. I don't know that a big red arrow would affect anything, janitorwise. Everyone else would be saying "we know about the brown streak, thanks." I'd fix it myself if any supplies were in this office but there aren't.
i may be paying a visit to your atari collection.. you got some great titles in there.. stampede..ain't seen that game in forever. river raid, the same..

where the hell is barn stormer?
I don't own a copy of Barnstormer, but it is on the list of things I really should pick up. I played it once around 1984 (one of the neighbors owned it) and liked it.
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