Wednesday, October 03, 2007

two illuminating images for Illiterate

My old buddy asked in comments here a few days ago what I thought of LED arrays. I'm for them economically even if I can't always deal with the spectrum of light produced and, in the case of some AC-powered ones, the 60Hz flicker (fluorescents bug me the same way). But there are a couple small LED lights that are new to the market which I like:
two before and aftersLeft: One of this Halloween's new items -- a string of 10 purple LEDs, powered by two AA batteries [yaay, DC!], available at Fred Meyers. Also available in orange. The "sugar coating" is a throwback to a style of Christmas light that was popular in the 1950's or 1960's, and the color is really very nice. (Digital cameras don't handle the color purple very well, but this photo is close to yet not exactly how the human eye would see the color.)

Right: Saw this at Walgreen's today -- a two-pack of C-7 base lights, containing three white-blue LEDs, for use in replacing the white/pink/blue/clear-crystal bulb in an incandescent nightlight, but since it's the same size base as a Christmas light it could be in the star on the top of your tree. The package trumpets that it's got a 50,000 hour life, uses less than 1 watt of 'lectricity, and costs less than 25¢ a year to operate.

Something more real and bloggy coming next time I post, honestly.

those are clearly just curiosities more than practical lighting, though. sad.
Never underestimate the power of a nightlight, yo! :)
I'm fond of the nightlights we have at home, they're LED based and change colors, then if they reach a color you wish to lock in, simply push the button and they lock.
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