Sunday, November 25, 2007

get your feet wet in my stream of consciousness

There's a joke I tell about the green Energizer rechargeable batteries in my camera: if you charge all four of them and put two in the camera, when you have to change pairs because you've drained the first pair from use the second pair will already be flat from sitting around, so you had better bring some alkalines also. That got a little annoying, it was like both pairs have an expiration date of ten days no matter whether they were ever tapped. So after asking my fellow local photographers what the best rechargeables are and doing a little reading online, I've invested in some Sanyo Eneloop AA's, which if fully charged and left alone at room temperature will still have 85% of their charge left one year later. Another investment was an HP Deskjet D4260 printer, replacing that Lexmark-made Canon printer which hasn't done a job right in over two years. Once I figured out that horizontal on the screen really means you put the photo paper in vertically and found out Preview is your friend because the software has this nasty habit of changing all your high-quality photo printing settings back to regular full-page settings and wanting to print on just 3" x 4" of a 4" x 6" paper when all settings are set to (and are displaying the test image as) filling the paper, all was well. I encountered some serious stupidity with my house wiring yesterday by surprise. My wife and I were about to hit some long-overdue home projects (her: painting the lavendar touch-ups on the accent wall cran-plum; me: stripping some paint and varnish off the kitchen cabinet doors) and I flipped the light switch in the diningroom... and half the lights in the house went out. And the breaker did not trip. I have now learned how to take the panel out of the breaker box and remove a breaker switch, a valuable skill, but the switch wasn't defective. It wasn't until that night that I found out where the problem was: The wiring goes from the breaker box to the inside of the light fixture in the mudroom, where it splits to the porch light ahead and the rest of the lights on that side of the house (kitchen, diningroom, bathroom, master bedroom, and my computer's socket). The mudroom light wasn't coming on, yet the porchlight was. Predictably, this morning when I opened up the light fixture to look for loose wire and test voltages, ding, suddenly the light and the rest of the circuit works. I have no idea how some wires under a cap (in a light that wasn't on at the time) could act like a breaker but, hey, whatever, all is well now. Work seems to be okay, but then again I worked on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, when the street traffic to work was way dead and the call traffic at work was even deader. That kind of goodness can't last (said 11 hours before my Monday morning shift). My Thanksgiving otherwise was tolerable -- I don't consider the lettuce and cucumber sandwiches with one slice of meat each from Subway, courtesy of the agency, a "feast" -- and on Saturday my bride made a turkey and some fixin's so I didn't go without much. I even had my cranberry sauce on Sunday: I dropped a can of Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash on my floor and it did precisely that, it splashed cranberry all over (and under) the stack of cabinet doors; the 'sauce' comes in because despite my efforts to wipe the floor clean with a wet rag I noticed in my stocking feet that the linoleum is a little tacky. There's probably more or something actually useful to say but there's always later.

That sounds like a weird light problem, but I'm glad it's resolved... for now at least. :-)
I suppose today your regular workload will resume, and you'll be longing for those slow days you had over the holiday.
Yummmm... cucumber on sandwiches. Me loves that!
I had a nice blog break, and it's nice to be back online visiting blog buddies again.
One expects Subway sandwiches to contain meat first and veggies second. I never realized before that day how flatulent cucumber made me. Guess I should stick to cukes in the form of pickles and viniagrette.
I eat lots of cucumbers since I use them on my sandwiches AND I make a spinach/cucumber/green apple shake in my blender.
Sounds gross, but it's not.
They don't seem to cause me any more gas than usual.
Any gas at all is too much.
It's hitonious.

Happy Weekend!!
I'm not much of a cucumber guy. I eat them prety much any way but fresh. And I can't actually prove that's what was causing me to be so toxic but it was the only difference in my usual diet. I survived, and there were few others present to be negatively impacted by my flatulence. :)
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