Monday, December 10, 2007

saying something for the purpose of saying something

unnatural actI'm still missing the final stupid thought of last week. However, I do have a couple new ones. Stupidity is everywhere, you know, especially in the Christmas season, though these two have nothing to do with the holiday.
 •  I saw this advertisement last night for Presto Logs or a similar product. Rather weary woman wanders over to the wood bin at the supermarket and has the choice between real split logs and pressed sawdust logs. A squirrel puppet shows up on the scene and tells the woman why the synthetic log is better than good ol' fashioned hunks of tree: the Presto Log now contains no petroleum products. Seems they used to be held together with parafin. Woman is convinced and grabs the synthetic log. And I said back to the television: "The real log doesn't have any petroleum products in it either. Never had it, never will, ah ah ah." Reminds me of the ad campaign for some chewing gum Wrigley put out years ago: Moistens your mouth. The woman I married ten years later saw that and responded, "So does sucking on a pebble."
 •  This is mostly directed at some unknown male coworker(s) who need the memo: You are a grownup. You work for a leading corporation. No one is impressed with such things. So for those reasons, stop wiping your boogers on the walls of the restroom stalls. We don't care how big of flakes of nasal crust you have extracted from your nose, this isn't a museum for you to display them. There's two rolls of paper at your right; kindly make use of a couple squares and deposit them in the bowl. 'snot what we wanna see at work. Okay?

To make your spirits bright, here's our Christmas tree. Enjoy the spirit of whatever holidays you celebrate!
blue christmas

nice. our son assisted us in dressing the tree with the finest.. or rather cheapest 100-pack of ornaments wally-world had to offer. the candy-canes haven't gone up yet. frankly i'm not looking forward to having to police them. i'm going to try to update my own blog tonight.
greetings of the season, our ornaments included this:
Nice ornament! The "finest, cheapest 100-pack of Wally-World ornaments".... hahahahah!!
Your tree is gorgeous!
Looks like it is next to your newly remodeled fireplace. Very nice.
Booger Man should be flogged!!
That is HITONIOUS to the max!!!!!
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