Tuesday, January 15, 2008

does Roto-Rooter do sinuses?

I warn you in advance, some days I start a blog entry without having stuff in mind, just for the purpose of posting something "on time", and this is one of them. I don't stew all week trying to think of this stuff, it just comes to me (or not). Tata Nano But if you want a valid stupid thing, see the photo at the bottom of this entry: people think they can keep ample space next to their car if they do a shitty job of parking, and for the most part it works. However, some wiseacres like me (in my midsize Saturn SL1, who likes to dream he drives something really compact like a Smart -- which finally made its official American debut last week, and shortly after came the preview of Tata Motors' fifty miles per gallon Nano, seen here) park in the damn spot anyway, and squeeze out of the car any which way they can. Walking through the lot it looks like I was already parked there correctly and the other clowns came along and boxed me in.

An update on the sleep situation: A little sleepy-time medication helped for a couple hours on Wednesday night and a little more of that magic elixir helped more on Thursday, but I had no such problems on Friday or the weekend. goin' crazy, wanna come? Or it'd be hard to notice since I don't have to rest up for work or get up the next day. So stuff is back to normal in that realm right now. There are other aspects that are a little wonky right now... the insects in my head are doing a picnic dance (similar to a rain dance or fertility rite), and they have lousy rhythm. Possibly contributing to that odd feeling between my ears is that the first signs that my temp job is temporary have surfaced; representatives to the outsource center this company has long said it was sending this department to -- not Georgia as we'd been told, not India as is the practice, but Canada! -- have been sitting in with us to learn what we do and how. It's got my boss kind of doldrumming but he doesn't lose his job, he just changes to a different position, but it's very evident from his face and how he talks that it makes him sad, and that transfers over to we who have no actual job or job security. [ZOMG, they just walked in... it's 8:15pm, WTF?] I love chaos as much as the next person but I'm kind of confused (not fully confused, because I'm confused about how confused I am) and as yet it doesn't show.

I called a friend tonight to see how things are in her world, and she immediately launched into a rather scary story she needed to get out of her. Short summary is: Her 6 year old daughter's bus is always the first in the queue at the school's curb, but today it was the last due to being late and having a different driver. Without looking up at the number, the girl got on the first bus in the queue and off she went. This is the sort of episode that one could write Lifetime channel horror movies about. Happy ending: the girl got home fine an hour and a half later, in a much better state of mind than her mother was in by that time.

If I think of anything interesting to tell or complain about, I will. Take that to mean I have nothing to complain about. Home improvement will resume soon, since we spent $220 on recycled glass tiles last weekend to trim out the backsplash that we're going to build sometime soon. Just need more body tiles! :)
snug as a bug in a rug

send me a resume. I would absolutely love to have you come work with me, dude. you would find it a perfect fit
You survived once, you believe you can survive again? Can do, I know I'll have to jump sometime before long.
this time, i promise no booze for your birthday. bad luck, apparently.
I still haven't opened the bottle from last time. And it wasn't the vodka that was bad luck, it was Verizon.
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