Monday, January 21, 2008

very exceedingly random thoughts

Don't expect linear today. I'm going for a train of thought. I'm back on my daytime schedule at work (10am-2pm) and while that may have been my choice four weeks ago it's no longer what I want now that I have grown used to goofing off for most of four hours a day, not getting up before noon, and not having rediculous traffic when commuting in either direction. But it'll be okay, this job won't last forever. (Yes, Greg, I'll send you my résumé soon.) Tonight I filed my taxes because I could (definitely an accomplishment when there are three W-2's, a 1099-G, and a couple 1098's to tally up), so likely will have a refund of a cool grand in the credit union by Groundhog's Day. Which will be spent on floor covering of some sort for the kitchen, I 'spose. I'm still looking for the paperwork saying Saturn already knows what the hell they told me they need to do to my car. The photo jaunt with the locals went very well, and where we were invited into shop last year as we wandered this time we got invited into two... a City Works building with a sort of museum in it, and a glass-blowing shop where two guys were making vases. (And with the witch's brass bra chill in the air, the furnaces were welcome.) Answering a question: I have no idea, it just got quiet suddenly. I think the onset of osteo-arthritis is setting in, in the joints of my two index fingers and moving toward the thumb, which isn't a welcome thought since I type a lot. I was surprised to find out that Yazoo is reforming after over 20 years apart! Five concerts in the UK scheduled, none as yet elsewhere. And on that note, I'm going solo to see the Blue Man Group this Thursday. My wife gave me a ticket for Christmas and said she'd considered getting herself one but wanted to be thoughtful by not interfering with my felicity; I told her that concept only applies to Depeche Mode (which, if you haven't heard me say it before, I am never taking her or my best friend Chrome to see ever again!!) but I know she doesn't really like them, and weathered one show with me years ago. The outdoor Christmas decorations are neatly put away now, but there are still boxes in the diningroom of stuff my wife brought out. *sigh* I got a haircut. A couple days ago we got a wild hare up our bummies and went to the home improvement warehouses for new light fixtures -- I replaced the new one in the diningroom with a better one (one that puts out enough light for the room and looks good, unlike that IKEA one I'd erected in September) and the light in the master bedroom (which was probably 30 years overdue), and it only took about an hour total. And yes, there's green to it, the diningroom has compact fluorescents so they're recyclable and we're getting an equivalent of 225 watts of light for only 60 watts of power. (It's just so... bright white!) Where did my schizo friend Bobbie move? I went to where she's lived for prolly 15 years the other day and she's moved out! I gotsa go to bed early nowadays so I leave you [by "you" I mean Jamie Dawn] with this church sign from six miles down the road, which makes God sound like an Arnold Schwartzenegger movie character. BTW, it's spelled "milquetoast", after the H. T. Webster cartoon character from The Timid Soul, Caspar Milquetoast... the only time he was ever not jelly-spined was when his wife offered him some Russian salad dressing, to which he thumped the table and said NO! (Would you believe I learned that from a Reader's Digest condensed book my father had?) Mid-song the 30 gigabyte USB jukebox drive died a death, and I hadn't copied all the music coworkers had given me to another location, grrr. Embrace the abstract and the arcane keeps me sane.
beware of God

Mushroom, it's very obvious that the person you have to take to a Depeche Mode concert is ME. I heard news that they are in studio again, yay!
I agree with you fully, Ariel. The commute is tough though. :)

I haven't seen that rumor online yet but I haven't looked where people do all the talking. :) DM's site hasn't been updated since Christmas. Dave's site only says that a week ago the single of his "Saw Something" came out.
I read an interview with Fletch, the legend behind Depeche Mode, when he came to Budapest with his DJ show, he said, Martin spent the summer writing new songs. Ok, maybe I went a little too far with my conclusion?
And Fletch worked on his orchestral clapping skills. ;-) I have no doubt that Martin wrote music over the summer since I hadn't heard of any other projects for him beside occasionally DJing.
Ahhhnold will erase you forever!! He is the Terminator, and the opposite of milktoast or milquetoast, whichever floats your boat.
We saw The Blue Man Group in Vegas awhile back.
It was fun, but I'm not clawing at the chance to see them again. One time was enough for me.
So, you got your hairs cut?
You are all spiffed up now.
My son is letting his mop of hair grow and grow and grow. He wants lots of hair to fly around while he's jamming on his rock guitar.
Meanwhile, my fine, mousy hair is just as fine and mousy as ever.
I hope you are having a good week even if you can no longer sleep in until noon.
We wound up oweing 26 cents on our German tax return. But the tax office here is very generous and reasonable. All owed amounts under 1 Euro are written off, beause it costs more to collect it than it does just forget about it.
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