Monday, February 11, 2008

Change your mind until it's just the way you want it

A "just-so-you-know" thought: Hansen's Natural Green Tea Soda, Lemon Mint flavor... tastes like aftershave. Dead serious, the flavor is like what my sainted grandfather used to smell like in the morning, Williams Lectric Shave. My stomach isn't sure what to do with it but my face feels refreshed. Will have to try the Ginger and the Pomegranate sometime. For Gabriella I found this at the Canned Food Warehouse, along with some 99¢ Scharffen-Berger chocolate bars (which is totally amazing, that stuff is usually $5/bar at the upscale markets). I guess there was one good thing about Hershey's obtaining that chocolatier...

Observation to make about the current political race, or at least in viewing the local media: The cover of the newspaper the other day had pictures of Clinton, Obama, and McCain, and under were brief statements of what they wanted to accomplish. The two Democrats' synopses were about things that matter to all people, like health care. McCain's synopsis merely said he was seeking "party unity", which doesn't have much to do with the real world. Maybe Huckabee was absent from this article because he didn't stump here, or possibly there is a little creedence to his recent conspiracy theories about the Washington caucuses. Ron Paul also wasn't mentioned, which in this liberal hippie college student state is odd because he got 21% of the constituents at the caucus (where the national average is like 5%). I liked the 'Jump Start' cartoon this morning where a little girl says "there's more than just Clinton and Obama running" but then confesses she'd have to ask her dad who else there is.

What I consider very much stupid: There are people with the right to vote who are against Hilary Clinton simply because they believe that her husband Bill is trying to find some back-door way to get back into power. Somehow I think the people spreading that layer of chunky dogbutter are the same ones that, twelve to sixteen years ago, claimed that voting for Bill Clinton was a back-door way to get Hilary into power. Warning!: If Hilary Clinton makes it into the highest office in the land, be prepared to hear the detractors use the condensation "Bilary"... yet again. [And I'm still undecided.]

Least compelling ad line, courtesy of McCann Automotive: "And all of our Hummers take regular gasoline." That's nothing to brag about.

Blog subject line of the day comes from what I thought I heard come across the PA system at Target yesterday afternoon. If only it were true that I could. Not quite the same as my favorite, "Did you leave the store without buying any Extra Strength Pain Reliever?", but still pretty mindbending.

That aftershave-tasting drink sounds hitonious!
I like the idea of getting a formerly $5 chocolate bar for 99 cents. Bargains make me giddy!!
I'm not a fan of Clinton, Obama, or McCain, so I don't have much to say. They all talk rhetoric that doesn't appeal to me.

I wish you and Paige a FABulous Valentine's Day!!
I like what I've read about Obama. I never could understand the why idea of healtcare is so abhorant to so many in the States. Those with money have done a good job of brainwashing us. But these issues will not go away. No system of anything is perfect when you implement it - it goes with the territory of being human. But the situation without healthcare is less than imperfect, even scandalous. I like Obama, but I'd vote for anyone who'd campaign on taking over the oil companies and putting their profits into the welfare and education of the country's citizens.
P.S. I only read this post after commenting in Flickr! Funny that the same thing with happened in Germany with Reese's Peantut Butter cups, the high price, and then the dumping.
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