Thursday, February 07, 2008

you're on my mind like a song on the radio (Al Stewart)

Michael Winslow onstageI had a great surprise yesterday... The bowling alley down the street has a comedy night every two weeks, and the last one was a week ago, which I didn't attend because I've seen that headliner before and wasn't keen on him. So when I was passing by yesterday I thought "let's see who's coming up next week", and to my surprise the show was that night and the act was Michael Winslow, whom I've wanted to see since the 1980's. I dashed home, grabbed my wife, and fifteen minutes later the show started. I wish we would have known earlier because tickets at the door cost $5 each more than buying ahead of time, but that's probably our own fault. Next show with four comics is in 2 weeks and soon after, Dante will be coming to that club!

I know I had a thing or two more to report but I'm spacin'. Politics are amusing me. Yesterday a guy I worked with at both Earthlink and Verizon became the new trainee in my department at PleaseGoAway, so that's three places... geez! Yes, Illiterate, I still intend to pass you my résumé but haven't updated it yet. The fine folks at Cornfield Electronics have not only updated the TV-B-Gone keychain remote with more large-format televisions, this month they've started selling a new powerful unit that can turn a set off from across a football field (if their promo material is true; they said "100 meters" when it seems they might have meant "100 feet"). Dumb ad premise: There's a radio ad for a car battery store, featuring a guy trying to start his car and getting nutty because it won't go. The voiceover is about the pain of a dead battery. But the sound effect used is a starter engine cranking healthily, over and over. Bud, your issue is not a dead battery... try the fuel system or spark plugs now? And maybe if I remember what the interesting things were I'll write again...

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