Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the times grew silent... corpora lente augescent cito extinguuntur

Hello, party people. It wasn't intentional that I failed to blog last week, I apparently didn't have anything to say and didn't attempt to fake it. :-D I can't say I'm much better this week either but you should at least have some notice. mmm tasty Life stuff: Yes, I'm still working, though I notice my account's expiration date advanced by a month from a week from now until the end of April so apparently we're not quite done here yet. The guy pictured in the January 2, 2008 entry left the company (practically on a stretcher) yesterday morning because he's moving to Austin, TX so I'm a little sad. It's wild to be a sensei to a grasshopper who reminds me a lot of myself at that age. Home project-wise, I'm finishing up the ceiling, an issue of my own cause. See, I might have mentioned a week after the texturing, and discovering the texture paint ("so you don't have to repaint!" -- bzzzt, wrong!) was a little more dingy yellow than bright white, I painted 4/5 of the kitchen/diningroom ceiling and ran out of paint. I bought another can, which didn't quite match (slightly grey, which I kinda like), and finished the job then touched up the weak parts of the rest of the ceiling. But, uh, then there were these grey sections on the white ceiling. So I went very thinly over the rest of the ceiling to make it match, and now it looks fine... but was in a hurry and didn't have good lighting when I got to the end (my wife and sis-in-law wanted to go out to dinner, and I was starvin') so it wasn't until the next morning that I saw where it was thin, so now I need to touch those up. At least it will match, presuming I stir the paint correctly (the likely cause of the grey last time). As for the rest of the room... No change, no cupboard doors have been touched in three weeks. However, I did get confirmation yesterday that the construction zipper that one can put on a cut in a plastic sheet which I ordered from Lee Valley Hardware is shipping, so we'll be able to seal off the kitchen/diningroom from the rest of the house and start stripping the cabinets without (hopefully) making the whole house unbearable with fumes.

Stupidity of the moment, related to the rising price of gasoline: There was a guy from the Attorney General's office on the radio, talking to one of the chatterboxes about what is causing petroleum prices to be so high (and forgot "greed"), and what we can do about the price of fuel. He listed four or five things, and yet he completely left out "use less? drive something that uses less or doesn't use any gas at all?" We know which side he's on, since 54¢ on every gallon of gasoline sold is state taxes. I have absolutely no objection to paying taxes. It's that other $2.90 (up from half that a year ago) that I want some relief from and explanation of. According to the radio, the state is converting some of its ferries to biodiesel derived from vegetable oil and the City of Seattle is requesting taxi services move from 15mpg Crown Victorias to more efficient vehicles... where's a similar concept being suggested to the taxpayers?

Wayne visited last Saturday and my sis-in-law Patrice visited on Sunday (welcome to the world's newest camgirl!), there's a comedy show tomorrow and Chrome's coming over this weekend. Otherwise nobody wants to be around me unless they have to be.

Happy Easter greetings to you and your wifey.
Chow down some chocolate bunnies and have a Cadbury Egg.
It's good that you got the ceiling paint thing worked out. Two tones wasn't what you were going for.
Daryl Hanna uses biodiesal - I don't know how to spell biodiesal... oh well.
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