Monday, May 26, 2008

these are not the dykes you are looking for

Hey there. I haven't really pondered today's entry so here are a few general basic generic things... First, I'm sitting here at the computer because my wife is at a Mariners game with some coworkers. In her place is her older sister, who has been couch-surfing here lately. Apparently it was either us or her mother, and Mom is already shouldering another sister and dyke-in-law and their daughter who suddenly decided, "hey, let's move out of our house and... uh, eventually move into a new house." my problem Not enough room in that inn for comfort. I'm happy that David Cook won American Idol and have no predictions or faves as yet for Last Comic Standing. Work is okay when people aren't waving their superior positions around. That would be today's stupidity. Today being Memorial Day I was making double-time-and-a-half, so the Sandisk Sansa Clip 4gb MP3 player I bought during my lunch break was already paid for. I may have mentioned earlier that I bought a new CPU for this computer on eBay on May 3, and following the seller's feedback it should have arrived around May 16... well, no, I got email from him saying that since he was out of town and his wife didn't mail anything in his absence, it went out the 16th. So I'm still waiting, and I noticed yesterday that the six most recent feedbacks from his sales (posted in the last few days), for sales which happened in late April to May 3, are negative so I'm not the only one who was affected. They all got their stuff, but as for whether it was timely or if his return policy was still honored that is another matter. [5/28: eBay alerted me that the user was deleted today and has "cancelled" the auction -- an interesting thought since he says it was sent 5/16 and I paid on 5/3 -- and I'm still waiting, so if it doesn't materialize in a couple days I'll follow eBay's procedures. And here I was going to leave him positive feedback, now I can't.] That's not the only thing that I'd be doing in spare moments or over weekends if I just had the thing which someone is sending me, so the past two weekends have been spent doing nothing I intended to do. That's where my sis-in-law comes in, she likes yardwork since right now she doesn't have a yard. And there's your token entry for the day. Good to see you moblogging, Illiterate. (Are there distinctions between a Crackberry user and a PocketPC user beside hardware and that vacant look in a Crackberry user's eyes verses the ire of a PocketPC user whose toy just crashed or autowiped?)

There's at least as much difference between a PPC and crackberry user as a dodge caravan and chevy astrovan driver.

were you a no-show at the fleamart?
Well, that explains it right there. :) No, had no plans to attend the Labor Day flea market -- not when I can make 2.5 pay, you know. :)
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