Thursday, June 05, 2008

a cocoon in the butterfly effect

Okay, I have come up with a stupidity. You know how I've been whinging about this eBay seller not anteing up with the product? I filed a PayPal claim on them to get my $45 back a few days ago, and then later bought the same variety of CPU in a reputable seller's auction. What shows up today? Three packages. One is the memory that I'd ordered on 5/11 but apparently the seller didn't get the PayPal email about, so when I emailed them twenty days later they were like "oh, uh, you did pay afterall, sorry... sending now." And two... are Barton-core Athlon XP+ 2800 CPUs. Seems the original seller finally stuck it in the mail on JUNE 3 (you will recall that I won it on May 3 and was told it'd been mailed on May 16, lies! all lies!). Grrr. But I'm going to put the first one back up for sale on eBay and recoup the price. I had enough time between when the mailman came and when I had to leave for work that I was able to get the memory into my wife's computer and test browse about, and take my Behemoth apart (my thumbs are not as adept at pushing spring clamps off heat sinks anymore) and pop in the reputable seller's CPU and fire up the computer long enough to leave positive feedback for both items. Assuming the first CPU actually works (since I'm not taking stuff apart to test it) and the second works through the night, all is back to well here. (For bonus related stupidity, the original seller put the CPU in a paper towel and padded it with a supermarket coupon booklet -- yeah, that's pretty anti-static. Sansa Clip This is no surprise, since others had said in feedback before that guy got deleted that he'd sent motherboards wrapped in aluminum foil, thus shorting out the BIOS battery.)

I have one less sister-in-law in my home, and the best of luck to her in Arizona where she's taken a temporary nursing job for the next couple weeks. Nothing new has happened with the kitchen improvement juggarnaut, and it could be a little trouble to get that fire engine jump-started since now my workdays are swingshift on Thursday through Monday; my wife's are Sunday through Thursday, thus we do not have any days off together. Not that we were all that motivated to act when we both had Saturdays off, of course, but any excuse will work. :-D Life otherwise is pretty much there, and if the volume of blooms on the bushes in my front yard are any indication this year looks like it may be quite rosy. Yeah, that was bad, but I'm serious that my plantlife looks better presently than it did last year. I am loving my Sansa Clip MP3 player, which arrived two days after I ordered it. Notice that "Sansa Clip" means it has a clip, and "Sansabelt" means the pants do not require a belt. Ugh, sorry. Too many Lillian Vernon et aliis catalogs as a youth... I was the only kid in the seventh grade who got the joke when the English teacher said, "The only kind of 'constant comments' I like is my tea." (My grandmother knew that woman well, and hated her.)

Not much of a blog entry but it will do for the moment. I haven't really been keeping up very well (I'll blame work) but you do get entries. And the latest update to Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul was posted several days ago so I'm not yet behind on the important stuff.

Was the tinfoil to lock-in the mobo's freshness? That's the consensus here after everyone stopped laughing.
And that, my friends, is why this guy is no longer an eBay seller.

And by now you've read my stories on Tech Comedy about the person who said they were going to bring their computer, then cut it down to motherboard, to me and what I was handed was their hard drives. And the rest of the machine had been disassembled and apparently parted out by starfish daddy. She could have handed me a plastic bag.
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