Sunday, June 22, 2008

TMI is my TM

Hello everyone. The photo in today's entry is of a DeLorean that passed me on the highway. It would have been better except my cell phone has this habit of going into voice command mode when I am trying to get to the camera, so lost 10 seconds. I need to find a way to disable that, I have no idea what I'm pushing to get voice command and I do have the left button below the screen set for camera so it's not like I have to fumble for it. DeLorean on 405 Now, as for why it's sideways -- not a clue. It was straight on my computer screen when I uploaded it! Call this a bonus stupidity.

Today's stupidity comes from a certain tech support rant forum. Yesterday there was a person in the Internet Relay Chat channel who stepped in and first thing said, "I just got done sleeping with my ex-boyfriend's best friend." Why getting on the computer after sex was the first thing she thought of doing is beyond me, but I understand the concept of bragging about shagging an ex's bestie well enough. (Not that I've ever had the chance, or that I care to discuss in this particular entry.) So we're all talking about how weird the conversation between her friends could get, as well as how weird the stuff in her head was starting to get (she admitted she was starting to think things she shouldn't), and I said that the older I get the more I sound like a tired old man when talking about polyamourous relationships and that friends like that are why we no longer host our yearly barbecues in Portland. A private chat window comes up from one of the channel operators, asking if I was referring to him. Uh, what? He starts telling me all this stuff about his own personal life, which contains him and his girlfriend and his girlfriend's husband, which I have no use for. I tried to find some way to politely let him know that I not only didn't know about his private life, I don't care about his private life, and that he wasn't a subject of that conversation in any form. He just kept going on, talking about how this had all been discussed in the channel (apparently before I came in) and how people must have figured things out so the cat's out of the bag. How can I tell this guy to shut up and not put his ego in places where it isn't? A guy I went to college with, Victor  De Long, had a theory: When you hear information that you have no need for, it gets stored in your brain, filling up space that could be taken up with information you do want. So the De Long Theory was applied here. (And for the record, I thought it was ironic that he was a big fan of Batman comics. Wouldn't that be useless data?)

Not much else to report about my life -- work is okay, home is okay (and the kitchen hasn't changed), everyone so far as I know is okay. Will say that I took down this heap of old fence the other day into lengths of wire mesh and chunks of wood, and after the garbage truck came half of the contents (all of the household trash in bags) were still in the can because some wire mesh got snagged and held stuff in... But that's a different kind of garbage retention. The latest update to Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul should be up by the time you read this.

I really desperately would love to disable the voice command button on my moogle.

Check your email for another example of TMI... My brain is hurting.
That lady's confession should be posted on Post Secret.
DeLoreans are a rare sight, so it is cool that you saw one.
I hope you and Paige have some terrific plans for July 4th. Fireworks are always so fun!!
Happy July 4th weekend.
Eat well & often.
God bless America!!!!
I hope you & Paige have a nice holiday.
You said that.
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