Wednesday, July 02, 2008

you have to wonder if the state recycles

Stupidity of yesterday: My wife called me from her work about ten minutes after she left the house, and told me there was a photo opportunity on our street because there were cop cars and fire trucks and so forth blocking her way out so she had to turn around and take the back way. I hiked a block with my camera and... Seems a couple people missed the fact that it's 25 miles per hour on this street. A black small pickup and a black van were on the right side of the street, both on their driver side doors. Judging by their roofs, both had rolled once. No idea how the people involved fared because they were evacuated a few minutes before I got there and the story somehow didn't make the papers. We were in bed at the time of this event and somehow didn't hear a thing, not the crash and not the sirens.
the van part of the wipeout
Stupidity of today: Yesterday I got a notice from the state Dept of Licensing, saying it was time to renew the tabs on my car. Fine, dandy. But they also said that when I get my new tabs they'll be attached to brand new license plates with a completely different number. Or for $20 more, I can keep the number I have. (That seems like paying to have your phone number unlisted. No time or labor is needed to keep things the same, but you pay for the priviledge.) When I got my new plates, I found out that the difference is they've added a new security feature, a hologram down the middle, so that's why they're replacing everyone's plates. Which my wife thought was pretty rediculous since she got her car ten months ago, thus her plate will be replaced yet isn't even a year old. So I suppose that $20 is to pay an inmate a dime (if that) to press a special non-sequential plate. If I'm going to pay for a license plate, it's going to be a vanity plate, and that's something I have wanted to do for many years. Used to be Washington vanity plates would benefit the Department of Wildlife (which I'm all for), but I think there are other agencies nowadays that one can kick in for -- and I'll take any one of them except the Law Enforcement Museum. No idea if I'll ever actually get a vanity plate, all I know is that now I have to memorize a brand new plate number and it's a good thing that I no longer work in a place with parking permits that are based upon license numbers.
my plate frame (empty)

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