Saturday, August 09, 2008

There is new hope in my universe

Mitsubishi i MiEVI think I may have found my electric car.

For about a year the electric vehicle sites have been talking about Mitsubishi's project, the i MiEV (I-series Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle), being tested-marketed in Japan in 2010. Well, last month one of sites reported it's coming out a year early, summer 2009. Same site showed that the car was premiered at the New York Auto Show [YouTube] months earlier. The statistics say that it can go 100 miles to the charge, can get up to 85 miles per hour, and has the ability to recharge its lithium-ion battery while driving (along with using standard household 110VAC to fully juice up). The street price in Japan will be about $23,000 when it comes out in pre-release and the eventual North American price is estimated to be $17,000. Of course, no hard guesses when it will make it to America since there are hoops to jump and petrocentric agendas to joust with. Heck, with bureaucratic delays Mitsubishi might be able to extend the battery life a little.

Bring it, baby.

I am perhaps a little confused. How would you go about charging it while driving? It's pure electric, neh?

I don't know about here, but on Text my blog we respect the law of conservation of energy.

Also, Lilon batteries? I guess people bought the Pinto, too.

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that's why you use the "preview" button.
Also evidence that I'm sufficiently stewpid that I had to look up something as basic as href.
fail... refail...

Okay, here's how the charging-while-driving thing works, to my knowledge:

If you put little motors (similar to your present vehicle's alternator) inline with the wheels, the forward motion of the vehicle generates some juice, which gets sent back to the battery.

No laws of conversation of energy are broken; in fact, this method recycles (by the extention of "generates while using, and in a perfect world the two would be equal thus perpetual motion") energy.
Cute car. 85 mph in that little car? Looks like it would crumple up if you hit a squirrel. I like cute, little cars. I'll take one in hot pink.
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