Saturday, August 30, 2008

when the going gets tough, the tough go driving

the corner of the counterSo you might be wondering about the status of the kitchen. Here is the most recent photo, a couple hours after finishing the grouting of the backsplash and a few days after finishing the countertop. We'll seal this soon so I can put the sink in. There's still plenty of work to go, such as putting in the new floor (the place called today to say... well geez, they didn't really say anything, but details about those guys later) and putting up some cabinets (they're in the shed) and installing the new hooded microwave and oven (those arrived today), as well as wiring and hanging lights over the peninsula and sink, plus we still haven't hung the cupboard & cabinet doors back up yet. So many things to do! But it will all look stunning when we're done. We're taking a much-needed day off (like half of the time in the last month or six hasn't been "a break from the kitchen"?) to go to Packwood, WA to roam around the communitywide yardsale, and then we'll start in on the other side of the room... I've already hung backerboard for the wraparound backsplash and installed a new outlet, but now I need to find some help putting up the cabinets. Anhow, that's our kitchen progress. So far it's looking pretty good, don't you think?

Another design element to mention, and a silliness (not stupidity per se) to make it happen: We decided upon some Asian-inspired tall stools for our new breakfast bar, and most places carry some style of them (we first saw them at a Target last year when they were on a 'world market' kick)... cheesy from Bed Bath & Beyond for $30, sturdy at Cost Plus for $100 [on sale for $80 right now], and well-crafted at good furniture stores for more. The problem we have been having is that with the cheesy cheap and the sturdy spendy, we find offerings in the middle where there's only one specimen available. There are two of us, you know. But we did pull a gambit today... We went to Ross Dress For Less in Puyallup and they had one black one, originally from Thomasville Furniture so it's of good quality, for $30. We bought it. There are two other Ross stores in the area, so we drove to another one -- and found its sibling. Lucked out!

Speaking of looking good, since I had some 'sage' grout mixed up for the backsplash and not all of it got used Paige decided to put it into use on that bathroom windowsill art she started in 2006 when we were renovating that room and never completed. NOW we can call the bathroom completely done.
bathroom windowsill
Okay, now for the stupidity story about the flooring place. Months ago my bride decided that we would be putting Marmoleum down in our kitchen, and I got to choose the pattern we will put it down in. We went to the local flooring place which carries Marmoleum and asked some questions months ago, looked at samples, and so forth. So the other day we go in to order some. Hmm, never mind that our salesperson took fifteen minutes -- ten of which was spent twenty feet away at another desk just looking at us and saying "I'll be right with you" without actually doing anything -- to sit down with us. Marmoleum comes in two forms: vinyl squares that have to be professionally laid and do-it-yourself click squares; the click squares come in two sizes, one-by-one foot and three-by-one foot. You'd think the salesperson would know this, since afterall there are samples there in the showroom, the display describes and gives prices for all of the sizes and pieces, and it's been months since we first expressed interest to her that we want some of this flooring. Nope, she wasn't aware that there were 12"x12" squares, or that the two sizes use the same connecting system so they can be used together ("you have to get one size or the other"). And she didn't know how it was installed (whether it requires an underlayment, etc.). We gave her the dimensions and we calculated how many of the two colors of tile we need, and she said she'd give us a call at 11am the next day with a price and further information about what is needed. Time passes, I'm walking around the livingroom at 1pm and the phone rings. Paige has consciously decided not to get up even after I've shouted that the call she's been waiting for has finally come. The woman gave me a timeframe when things would be ready for pickup, and I gave her my credit card number to order this. I get back to the bedroom and Paige asks, "how much did it cost?" I dunno, she didn't say, and I didn't ask because I thought Paige already knew. The ensuing discussion ended with me saying that if she'd gotten up and taken the call like she was supposed to, the questions that needed to be answered would have been. Here's where I add that at no point after Paige got up did she call the woman back like I suggested she do. Anyhow, the woman said that the flooring was coming from Portland, and would be in Kent the next day. I said we were going to pick it up in Tacoma, so she said it'd be ready for us the day after. For some reasons she kept saying it'd be in on the 27th though I knew she meant the 28th. So on the magic day, we get the invoice -- the flooring cost less than we thought it would, no special materials needed, and a $35 charge to have it delivered to the Tacoma store. But we don't get a call from the woman. Late in the afternoon Paige called to ask about the flooring, and she said "It'll be here on the 27th." Paige replied, "Today is the 28th." Woman ponders how time flew. Okay, so where is the flooring? Woman gives some shuck and jive about it coming from Portland to Kent so it'll take awhile. Paige reminds her that she said it'd be in Kent on the 27th and Tacoma on the 28th. Woman says she'll call us tomorrow with more information, adding that we could drive up to Kent and get it right now. Paige replies that we were charged to have it delivered to Tacoma, we told her when we ordered it that we would pick it up in Tacoma, and please let us know when it arrives in Tacoma. Okay, so today is that tomorrow, Friday the 29th. She called us, yes, in the afternoon while we were out, but the message she left only said to give her a call so we could discuss the flooring. We were kinda expecting "come and get it" or something more informative. We're out of town on Saturday, they're closed on Sunday and (Labor Day) Monday, so it's going to be a little while before we can go get it. Or get answers as to where it is, though maybe we will be able to call there before we leave town tomorrow.

Good news! Your marmoleum just arrived at the processing center in Spokane! It may make two or three other random shipping bounces before getting to portland where it can start the long journey to kent, from where it can then turn around and drive south to federal way, where it will be split into multiple pallets and all the 2x2 pieces will actually get to you.

as I said earlier, where are the pictures of the original train wreck?
Heh, actually (I should update the entry) they called Saturday morning before we got up -- but after the alarm went off -- to say it's ready, and they're open on Sunday so we'll go pick it up in about twelve hours.

I will have to look for Before pics, like I toldja. Good seein' ya today, and again thanks for 1001 Stupidest Things Ever Said!
That was "1001 Dumbest", stupid.
Geez, that was dumb, or stupid, of me... I'm in here, the book is out there.
Sorry, was just playing really.

Fun fact: I haven't read partiallyclips in more than a year.

Correcting this should be entertaining.
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well, maybe not a whole year, assmuppet.
What a nightmare about the flooring. Sounds like the lady is a moron. Not great customer service, that's for sure.

The window sill looks marvelous as does the peek you've shown us in the kitchen.

Great find getting TWO barstools from TWO different Ross stores!!
Illiterate: I had to play catchup on that site a week or two ago too. (And I knew you were playing, assmuppet.)

Jamie: All is well with the flooring procurement now... soon the real nightmare of installation will begin. Muahahahaha!!
Photos of the finished kitchen please...



Once finished, yes. Work in progress pictures are in the Home Improvement set on Flickr.
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