Saturday, September 27, 2008

I promised you'd see my new flooring

And I'm a man of my word. But we haven't started putting it down yet. So here is what it looks like (darker is the body tile, "arabesque"; lighter is the accent tile, "virgin blue") with my faithful orange cat testing it out.
Cheddar approves of the MarmoleumA real blog entry will come soon, there's nothing good in the home improvements or stupid around me (or that I care to share -- sometimes you gotta keep your gripes about people to yourself) to repeat. Just wanted to keep my pledge, since I spent a couple days sanding and stripping a small desk for the diningroom and the cupboards in the utility room but we have yet to start painting them. Painting those were the only things we had on the list for the weekend -- Friday: shopped for supplies; Saturday: did yardwork, which wasn't on my list at all -- and Paige said she wanted to do them both herself (and has touched neither).

Nice flooring. Cheddar seems to like it too, also.

We women are good at making To Do lists, but we are not always good at completing them.
We'd rather make To Do lists for our men.
I'm familiar with that concept. Paige's grandma was a master of that -- she'd compile these huge lists for when her son or her grandson would come over. (Which they knew better than to do more than once a year for that reason.) She'd even fob off the jobs that her grandsons-in-law, two of which were local, could do over to those two.

And this included changing light bulbs and other non-burly or needs-immediate-attention tasks.
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