Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In a world full of green dust and grey floor

First things: Just noticed that there's a "Followers" thingie on Blogspot nowadays -- and I had one follower listed, smitty1e. The list of blogs this person follows is kind of random, mostly dealing with several programming languages. linseed and dust is what we breathe I hope you don't mind if I block you, Smitty, since you've never commented on any of my posts and I suspect you are a bringer of spam or other bad things.

Well, hello everyone! The Marmoleum flooring is nearly done, hurrah! I say "nearly" because as I suspected, the person at the flooring store went by total area, not perimeter rounded to the nearest whole foot (since these are 12" square tiles), thus I need another 21 tiles to finish this job. That's today's real stupidity, that I should have been done!! at 10pm last night but now have to wait until the end of the week for tile I ordered today to show up. The picture at left is from the pile of sawdust and effluvia generated by cutting flooring tiles to size. Don't worry, Marmoleum is all-natural so this isn't going to harm the environment. The picture at lower right [which you can click on to enlarge to screen size] is how the kitchen and diningroom look from the utility room. Like?

Appliances and furniture and such have been slowly returning to the kitchen and diningroom. Not entirely since there's still one more thing to do before we can really re-settle in, but as long as everything we have dragged back in is portable enough to get away from the walls for a little while (which is why the washer and drier are still on the back porch)...

Next I need to measure the baseboards, doors, and cupboard tops for new trim. The next hard labor won't be cutting the trim to size, painting it, or putting it up. No, the difficult step will be in Paige and I agreeing on what kind of trim to buy. It will have to be tallish, like 3", because of the crummy crap the previous crackheads™ had glued to the walls and we had to literally tear out. come slide across my flo' It will have to be widish, like ¾", because the instructions for Marmoleum say that the gap between the floor and the wall must be 10mm when most other flooring it's more like 5mm, and some of the gaps I cut are a bit more than half an inch. It'll all look really awesome when it's done. It had better.

So our kitchen project is nearing completion. :) Hmm, there isn't much else to report about life in general... it's still right where I left it. (Where was that?) I saw a gas station today that had standard grade unleaded for $3.019 so that's a good sign. And a block away from that station was a bearded guy with a cardboard sign at the island where the onramp meets the city road. The sign however said "Bad Day. Need Beer." I like honesty in a man. And the inevitable aging event happens in three days and some hours. I don't have any wishes that I can say out loud except for the one that involves being employed locally so I don't have to commute 40+ miles, though in what capacity I still haven't given enough thought. Tech support has been fun but it's time for a change.

[Edit: 10/16 2:30pm PST] Half an hour ago, Flickr forced its new homepage layout on its users -- and it really bones stuff. One "recent activity" link rather than separating comments you made from comments you received, clicking that link on the homepage messes up your preferred layout, etcetera etcetera. That's the new major stupidity. And gas went down to $2.879

Enjoy the white space. Oh, and Oliva of Buzz Marketing... No shit, that's why we chose Marmoleum, that and (you fail to mention) it's earth-friendly. Preachin' to the choir, so could you take the spam elsewhere?

I haven't done that new Bloggers I Read thingie yet.
I rarely even get around to updating my blog roll.

That's a perdy floor!
You should be done already, and that truly is a stupidity worth mentioning.

You and Paige try not to fight too much over the trim choice. Find a way to make her choose the one you want and think it's her idea.

Happy B-day (a bit belated)!!
Welcome to the land of the 40s.
Not a bad place to be.
I've been in the land of the 40's for 366 days now... and I still can't read the signs.

We have the trim, and the next update will tell/show more about it. I have a fun stupidity to add, which I attempted to remedy today, relating to what one has to do before one can do what they need to do.
added you to my "following" list.

stalking you, n-hoy!

Oh, and someone could follow you privately. Don't think you're helping much by blocking him.
I just added you to my readers list or followers list, whatever it is.
I am just now getting around to doing that.
I was bad at updating my blog roll, and I am slow to doing this followers thing.

Happy Halloween Week!!!!
Some people are born readers, some people are just followers. :)
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